Why Mercedes didn’t celebrate Hamilton’s P2

Having scored the team’s first podium of the season, Lewis Hamilton appeared bemused in parc ferme where the top three drivers are usually are greeted by the massed ranks of the team.

Depending on the intensity of the result this joint celebration between the track team and the driver at times even includes crowd surfing and general abuse of the restraining barriers.



Hamilton puzzled by team’s absence

Having been weighed by the FIA delegate, Hamilton came over to a handful of Mercedes fans shouting his name and asked, “What the fuck happened to my team?”

Clearly Lewis was expecting a big celebration with the pit crew that never materialised.

Hamilton then left for the podium ceremony and following the national anthems and champagne headed off to th media pen.



No team about even after the podium

Lewis was asked, “what does this second place mean to you and the team after such a hard start to the season?”

“Well I dunno what it means to the team – cos I haven’t seen anybody – if I’m honest…” replied a bemused Hamilton.

It is highly unusual for the team not to meet a podium scoring driver following his in lap and parc ferme weigh in and Lewis was told by one fan, “they’re in the garage.”



Wolff’s first thought is for Russell

When asked about the race after the chequered flag, Toto Wolff’s first thoughts were for George Russell who was controlling proceedings when a red flag and subsequent engine failure saw him DNF.

“George was leading the race fair and square with a great start and we went on to a bold strategy with pitting early for the hard, and I think it could have probably won the race for him.”

“[We were] very much [at] the front and so it’s a shame first with the red flag and then with the engine damage.”

Ferrari send up distraction flares



Definite plan for Mercedes no celebrations

Wolff went on to compliment Hamilton stating he “drove brilliantly,” and also that his defence from Alonso was “unbelievable.”

Seasoned observers will conclude there was a definite call made by Mercedes to tone down the celebrations for Hamilton’s P2 finish.

At the team debrief James Allison was equally low key speaking of “quiet satisfaction” that the team had “moved the car forward” in terms of performance.

Hamilton Mercedes contract ultimatum



Team debrief again highlights Russell

Yet again the disappointment for Russell is noted in Allison’s team brief where he admits their satisfaction is diminished. 

“That happiness of course is tempered by the disappointment that we only got one car to the flag and that George [Russell] was not able to show what he was capable of in the car on race day, having performed very strongly up to that point in the weekend,” said Allison.

Its rare a team would refuse to celebrate with their podium driver 



Has Lewis had his card marked?

Could it all be due to Hamilton’s earlier lambasting of the team for “not listening” to him and even calling for “accountability” – more commonly known as ‘heads to roll?’ 

Or by emphasising Russell’s misfortune are the team reminding Hamilton the on track performances are more than just down to one person – Lewis Hamilton.


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  1. This is misleading. The team wasn’t there because of unfitting arrangement of security and fans had come on the tracks. That caused a traffic. Easy.

  2. Agree that now even MB has had enough of the sjw’s antics. Please retire and give Nando a chance with decent machinery!

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