Video: Leclerc recorded chasing criminals

Italian police release video showing Ferrari Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc chasing the thieves of his watch. On 18 April 2022, a criminal attack took place in his home in Monaco, involving Charles Leclerc.

Video footage released by the Italian police shows Leclerc driving his Ferrari 488 Pista in a high-speed chase to catch the thieves who stole his precious Richard Mille watch, worth an estimated €300,000.


That night, Leclerc was approached by a group of individuals. Thinking he was meeting some fans who wanted to take a selfie with him, he went along with it.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the so-called fans stole the driver’s luxury watch before fleeing on a scooter.

Leclerc immediately set off after them in his Ferrari 488 Pista, a sports car capable of impressive top speeds. Unfortunately, the Monegasque driver was unable to catch up with the criminals.



Thanks to the combined efforts of the police, the four suspects, all from Naples, were finally arrested and brought to justice.

Nevertheless, the watch in question remains unaccounted for to this day. Footage of Leclerc giving chase can be seen at the bottom.


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Watch thieves target F1 people before

A London gang was also responsible for robbing Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone in November 2010. 

Ecclestone, 80, was on his way home to his penthouse in Knightsbridge when he was attacked. 

He suffered a black eye and the gang escaped with £200,000 worth of valuables from him and his then girlfriend, now wife, Fabiana Flosi, 31, in Knightsbridge. Among the items were a watch and diamond ring. 

It is believed the gang carried out up to 30 raids in total together and was carried out by Gulam Gani, 47, Nicholas Lewis, 34, and Shaun Wallace, 30. Gani was sentenced to 18 years, Lewis 20 years and Wallace 15 years. 



Ecclestone makes a profit from the attack

Ever the entrepreneur, Ecclestone famously allowed his bruised face, complete with an impressive black eye, to be used in an ad for the exclusive Hublot brand of Swiss watches last week, with the slogan: “See what people will do for a Hublot.”

It takes a certain gall to turn a robbery into a money-making opportunity – Hublot, as the ad notes, is the “Official Watch of Formula One”, a boost to Bernie’s racing empire in a new money making deal to add to his coffers. 

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