Leclerc ‘out of Ferrari’

Could we see Leclerc’s shock announcement to leave Ferrari soon? At 25, Charles Leclerc is one of the most talented Formula 1 drivers of his generation. However, given the performance of his Ferrari single-seater, he can hardly dream of a world championship title right now. And what if Leclerc finally decided to leave Ferrari to fulfil his dream? Some people expect an announcement to leave Ferrari will happen soon.

Charles Leclerc, who made his name with Sauber, is now showing all his talent at the wheel of a Ferrari. This has enabled him to win several Grands Prix. At 25 years of age, the Monegasque has five career victories to his name, and finished runner-up to Max Verstappen in the 2022 World Championship.


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Leclerc has proved that he can hold his own against the Dutchman, provided he has a high-performance car. However, this is not the case with Ferrari lately. Behind the Red Bulls, the Scuderia driver must therefore make do with the rest, seeing his dream of being crowned world champion put to rest. And what if this encourages Charles Leclerc to leave Ferrari? Many voices have started to say that Leclerc will soon be leaving Ferrari.



Leave Ferrari to be F1 world champion?

Speaking to Sky Sport’s F1 podcast, Matt Gallagher discussed Charles Leclerc’s future with Ferrari. And in his eyes, the Scuderia’s problems could well lead the Monegasque to look elsewhere:

“It’s very difficult. If they are able to iron out some things, not even the things to do with their car, just the way they approach their strategy and their calls, they certainly have a better chance.

“It’s more a question of whether Ferrari can keep it long enough until they have a car capable of winning the championship. I’m going to go for a no [they can’t]…”

Ferrari B-Spec car in progress?



More voices add to the rumour Leclerc will be gone soon

Ex-German driver Christian Danner, who raced 47 times in F1, has questioned whether Leclerc will now see out of the remainder of his contract which expires at the end of 2024. The German cited a radio flare-up between the 25-year-old and team engineers in Jeddah as an indication that relations have broken down.

“For me these are indications,” he told Speedweek.

“Having to have such discussions in a race is unbelievable. Ferrari sixth and seventh in a race that the Italians had promised so much, that’s a total disaster.”

He added: “Leclerc is a young man who wants to be World Champion,”

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Leclerc wants to “get back to winning with Ferrari”

So what about Charles Leclerc’s future with Ferrari? Recently, some rumours mentioned a possible exchange with Lewis Hamilton. The Monegasque then set the record straight, saying:

“It’s the first time I’ve heard so many rumours since I’ve been at Ferrari. Maybe it’s all done to destabilise us. I’m here dressed in red and I want to win again with Ferrari”.


“I feel good at Ferrari, I feel the enthusiasm of the people. I’m excited about crowning this dream with a title, my dream is everyone’s dream: to win with Ferrari.”

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  1. now tell us in next article where to Leclerc is going to go to get his champ title ?

  2. The author of this article is lame serious cant write anything better!!! Really get the facts right or dont write at all!!!

  3. What a joke article. Why would Leclerc leave Ferrari? Where would he go? Red Bull won’t be taking anyone on from outside their program anytime soon… going to Mercedes would currently be a step backwards, why would he go from 2nd/3rd quickest team to 4th? He’s staying at Ferrari. Like many F1 drivers, it’s his dream to win WC with that team, and he isn’t going to jeopardise that to join a team with less pace than his own.

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