Leclerc replacing Hamilton?

Charles Leclerc to replace Lewis Hamilton? The Ferrari driver sets the record straight with an interview with the Italian press. Lewis Hamilton is entering the final year of his contract with Mercedes and has yet to extend it. If he were to leave, the German team could fall back on Charles Leclerc, who is linked to Ferrari until 2024.

However, the Monegasque has no intention of going anywhere and intends to win the world title with the Scuderia, or that is the official line from the Ferrari driver.

While Lewis Hamilton recently announced his intention to extend his contract with Mercedes, the name of Charles Leclerc had been mooted as the British driver’s successor. The Monegasque is also coming to the end of his contract, but he was keen to reassure Ferrari fans in an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale.



“I know you are worried that I might go to Mercedes…”

“There is no urgency,” Charles Leclerc said of his contractual situation, before adding, “I know you fear that I might go to Mercedes, but honestly, there are no negotiations.”

It has now been four years since the Monegasque joined the Scuderia, all he needs is a world championship title.

“I feel good at Ferrari, I feel the enthusiasm of the people. I’m excited about crowning this dream with a title, my dream is everyone’s dream: to win with Ferrari.”


One cannot help but ponder whether these are the true feelings of Leclerc. In particular when considering the complete failure of the Ferrari team when attempting to support their leading driver with repeated errors, both tactically and in car reliability.

Still, for the Italian press, Leclerc toes the line.




“I can’t wait to get there”

This year could be the one. If he doesn’t want to say anything about the quality of his new car, Charles Leclerc can’t wait to try it out:

“I’m leaving for Bahrain on Monday and honestly, I can’t wait to get there. We’ll have three days of testing with all our rivals and I hope we’ll be in good shape. It doesn’t make much sense to ask how I feel about the new car at the moment. I said straight away that the first impression was good, but it will all depend on how it compares with the other cars…”





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    • Hamilton is disgusting. Having benefited from deceit by the Mercedes team on all other F1 teams and having won all those undeserving hollow titles, he could have kept his trap shut. But he thought he is the biggest of them all and probably imagines that he will step from F1 to a political platform. I wish he would try it. Then realization will come to him.

      • Vijay. You are quite disgusting i would say. No particular fan myself, but the hate you have for him tells me you have deep issues within yourself. Do better.

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