Perez issues serious warning to Verstappen

Perez demands for mutual support from Verstappen. Having already shown himself to be a good team player in the past, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez is hoping that his team-mate Max Verstappen will be able to reciprocate if needed this season, indeed the Mexican issues a serious warning that they must play for the team.

Ahead of the start of the 2023 season, Mexico’s Sergio Perez has warned his Red Bull team and teammate Max Verstappen of the need for mutual support.

In 2022, everyone can recall the episode at the Brazilian Grand Prix when Max Verstappen deliberately refused to let his teammate Sergio Perez pass in the race while the latter was still fighting for second place in the drivers’ championship.


Perez said at the time that Max Verstappen had shown “his true colours” by refusing to help him, but the Red Bull team was quick to extinguish the embers by saying that the situation was under control between the two team-mates and that they would continue to work as a team.

Speaking ahead of the 2023 season, however, Sergio Perez was keen to warn his team and team-mate that such a situation should not happen again this year and that he expects some mutual support.


“It’s always important to work as a team, but obviously if I see that I don’t get support when I need it, I won’t give it either,” Checo explained to Fox Sports.

“I think we’re very clear that what’s most important, it’s going to be a very intense season with probably six cars fighting for the championship. So it will be important to work as a team in many races.”





A crucial season

Sergio Perez also believes that this 2023 campaign will be crucial to his future in Formula 1. The Mexican, now 33, is about to begin his 13th season at the pinnacle of motorsport.

“Without a doubt, this year will determine many things, how good I am, how much I want to continue in the sport. Without a doubt, this will be a crucial year in my career,” added Perez, who is under contract to Red Bull until the end of 2024.

“If you don’t have 100 per cent desire to get up, to train every day, to take care of what you eat all year, what you have to give to the sport, if you don’t have that energy 100 per cent anymore, I don’t see myself here until I’m 90.”

Sergio Perez finished third in the 2022 World Drivers’ Championship, behind Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who he battled against until the end of the season.

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4 responses to “Perez issues serious warning to Verstappen

  1. It will be interesting to know what were the “true colors” Perez was showing with his deliberate crash in Monaco to deny Verstappen. That was ugly as it comes.
    He says: <>. He should understand that “if he won’t give support when it is needed, he won’t get it either”.

  2. Looking forward to your Hamilton level vitriolic hatred towards Perez, and cheating accusations for years to come!

  3. He has to say that to save face. He knows the game otherwise retirement beckons. I can’t see him fighting tooth and nail for Max again though as in Abu Dhabi 2021.

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