Gene Haas destroys Schumacher

Haas gossip about Schumacher revealed: “It’s getting in over his head” is part of the latest Haas gossip about Mick Schumacher which is soon to be revealed to the world. The American claims that Mick hasn’t got enough talent to compete in Formula 1.

After two years at Haas, Mick Schumacher will have to do without a place in Formula 1 this year – at least as a regular driver. In the new season of the Netflix documentary “Drive to Survive”, there are said to be scenes showing explosive telephone conversations between Haas team boss Günther Steiner and his boss Gene Haas.




Netflix reveal shocking conversations

Netflix itself already published the names of the total of ten episodes before the start of the season (24 February). Episode three, called “Like Father, Like Son”, will deal intensively with Mick Schumacher’s season.

Although the German finally scored his first points in Formula 1 last year, he only managed to do so in the summer. Before that, the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher struggled and had several accidents in Saudi Arabia, Miami and Monaco.



Mood at Haas was tense early on in 2022

As the German newspaper Bild reports, the situation within the team was already extremely tense at the second race of the season. The German media already has seen footage of the episode in question and revealed some shocking conversations.

According to the report, Günther Steiner can be seen in the documentary series talking to Gene Haas on the phone and going on about the 23-year-old’s accident in Saudi Arabia:

“We gave him a year to learn and what does he do? In the second race he fucking destroys a car just because the other guy is faster.” Gene Haas replies that Schumacher is “in over his head” with all this.



Magnussen defends Schumacher

In Miami, where Schumacher is on course for points for the first time in a long time, he has a collision with Sebastian Vettel with a few laps to go that ultimately drops him out of the top ten. Netflix shows a scene that took place after the race.

Steiner can be seen talking to Schumacher’s teammate Kevin Magnussen. The Dane makes it clear that he believes in the German: “Mick can do it. He has more in him.”

Steiner agrees with him, but explains that Schumacher always crashes when he tries to get more out of the car.



Gene Haas destroys Mick Schumacher

The climax came in the race in Monaco. In the swimming pool chicane, “Mini-Schumi” lost control of his car, which tore in two after the impact. Mick remains uninjured, but the mood at Haas is more tense than ever after this race.

Team boss Gene Haas even denies Schumacher his abilities in a telephone conversation with Steiner:

“It takes talent. You can’t develop talent.”


During the rest of the season, Schumacher manages to avoid any more major accidents, but he was still not allowed to keep his place on the team. Haas relies on returnee Nico Hülkenberg in 2023 and Mick Schumacher joins Mercedes as reserve driver.

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9 responses to “Gene Haas destroys Schumacher

  1. If not for the name nobody would say anything and certainly wouldn’t get Merc reserve drive. He’s not good enough.

  2. Such a shame Gene and Gunther. Easy to talk as you want robots as drivers these days to be able to program them not to make mistakes and be perfect drivers every time.
    Unfortunately drivers are human and make mistake and that is why we call it an accident. If for no budget cap no one would have complained. Since the accidents Mick had to drive on eggs.
    He has talent and potential otherwise he would not be a F3 and F2 champion. His 1st year at HAAS was a total was and the 2de year were regulation changes as well as tyre size changes.
    So MR GENE HAAS may you should sell your team to ALFA ROMEO OR HONDA.

    • I personally think that what he have accomplished with his father not there is great. If Micheal was next to the track every race, Mike would have been a different racer

      • Toxic team with toxic owner and boss! It was never the right place to put him – if he went to Alfa Romeo I think we would see a different story. Is he his Dad – no… nobody is. The comparison is so unfair. Is he good and has potential… definitely. It might be a slight backwards step in theory to be Merc reserve but it’s definitely a better place for his future development than HAAS.

    • Stewart-Haas racing in American racing has entered just over 1000 races and won 98 races. They have won 2 team championships and 2 driver championships. Gene Haas knows racing. He is a successful, driven man and that might cause him to be impatient at times but I’m still a fan and very grateful for his f1 team.

      • In the history of Haas F1, they’ve achieved zero podiums in over 140 starts. Maybe he hasn’t a clue about F1?

  3. Impossible for me to value their assessment of Schumacher’s talent since they are men who hired Nikita Mazepin. It’s equally impossible for me to imagine Kevin Magnussen suddenly becoming a winning drive after five previous seasons with the losing team?

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