Alfa Romeo seek another team

Will Alfa Romeo stay in Formula 1 after all? “We are not yet sure whether we will leave Formula 1” admits the car manufacturer, but it is thought that the Italian brand is actively seeking a new partnership with a current F1 team on the grid.

At the end of the coming season, the partnership between Alfa Romeo and Sauber will come to an end. The Italian car manufacturer had been the title sponsor of the Sauber team since 2018. Whether Alfa Romeo still has a future in Formula 1 is currently open, at least officially.


Speaking to RacingNews365, Jean Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, and Cristiano Fiorio, Chief Strategy Officer, explained that a departure from the ‘pinnacle of motorsport’ is not yet set in stone:

“We are not yet sure if we will leave Formula 1 after this season.”

“We won’t make a decision on that until the end of June. Now we are actually still talking about a blank book as far as the future is concerned. That can still be completely filled in,” Imparato continued.



US market very important for Alfa Romeo

According to Imparato, the company wants to look at all options before making a decision. It is in the DNA of Alfa Romeo to be present in motorsport.

However, Imparato also admitted that there are some factors that could prevent further involvement for the time being:

“At the moment, everything is on the table for 2024, and of course everyone knows that we are not living in an easy world at the moment. There is a lot to do, inflation, war, regulations.”


That’s why the team still wants to make the most of the coming season and, above all, improve its marketing in the USA:

“We have three races there in three different cities and states. Consequently, you have to be specific in this market as well. Miami, for example, is a very important GP for us, because almost 20 % of our sales in America take place in Florida.”



Goal for 2023

The target for 2023 has also already been set. Sixth place in the constructors’ championship is the target. This would confirm the team’s ranking from last year.

In total, Sauber has collected 181 points since 2018 during its partnership with Alfa Romeo. So far, the partnership has not resulted in a place on the podium.

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