Norris attacks FIA

“Are treated like at school…” says McLarens Lando Norris as the driver condemns FIA policy. Lando Norris has also weighed in on the debate surrounding the FIA’s controversial ban on political statements. Formula 1 drivers would be treated like schoolchildren if they were forced to seek permission, he says.

The governing body had updated its International Sporting Code during the winter break ahead of the 2023 season, causing controversy by banning drivers from making “political, religious and personal statements” without prior permission.




Treated like school kids

This led to fierce reactions on social media. Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner also voiced criticism. The latter sees in the suppression of the drivers’ voices and opinions the danger that the grid will become a “bunch of robots”.

McLaren driver Norris also believes that the FIA treats drivers like they are at school instead of trusting them to be “grown-ups”, but reckons that clear criticism of the change could force a U-turn.


Speaking at the launch of the MCL60 on Monday, the British driver said, “There are things you want to do and say that might not be allowed. But I think there’s been quite a lot of pressure and enough said to maybe force a bit of a U-turn.”

“Formula One has made it clear what they think is acceptable and what we should be able to do as drivers, and I stand by that. We should be able to say what we want and what we believe in. We are not in school. We shouldn’t have to ask, ‘Can we do this? Can we do this?'”



In any case, Norris considers himself and his fellow Formula One drivers “mature enough” to make smart decisions. “Maybe sometimes you make stupid decisions, but that’s what happens in life.”

A restrictive approach, as announced by the FIA, would, in his view, undermine the platform drivers have in Formula One to make a positive impact. “We do this because we have millions of fans, millions of spectators that we want to guide and help.”

“We should be able to say and do what we want. That is what makes people, what makes us, what makes us human. We’re just trying to help people in the world and give advice, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that,” Norris stresses.

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2023 presentation dates in the table below

Haas 31 Jan
Red Bull 3 Feb
Williams 6 Feb
Alfa Romeo 7 Feb
AlphaTauri 11 Feb
Aston Martin 13 Feb
McLaren 13 Feb
Ferrari 14 Feb
Mercedes 15 Feb
Alpine 16 Feb






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  1. You too Norris?! But I suppose your wokeness comes out of being British.
    Outside of the track, you have all the freedom to speak your mind and have your opinions known. I think Ben Sulayem made a mistake in trying to be pacific and saying “with prior permission”. He should have said unequivocally “no politics, no racism, no religion, and no controversies. Go to Hyde Park and speak all you want. No one’s stopping you. The track is not the place for it”.
    I am sorry to see F1 becoming screwed up by the wokes.

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