Hamilton smashes: Verstappen hits out at UK media

“With Lewis it’s a different story…” says Verstappen about Hamilton accidents: “Don’t understand it!”. In the last two years, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have clashed time and again on the Formula 1 circuits of this world. The world champion hits out at the UK media for reasons of bias.

Not infrequently, limits were crossed and sometimes violent accidents were caused over the last couple of years, and the world champion from the Netherlands still doesn’t understand why.

In the last two years alone, Silverstone, Monza, Jeddah and Sao Paulo were among the places where Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had a ‘heated argument’ on the track that ended in at least one accident, and in the most extreme case even in a visit to the hospital.


Verstappen can’t explain why the clashes on track

Why two of the most successful drivers of the last decade, of all people, are always involved in these accidents, Verstappen still cannot understand.

“I have to be a bit careful what I say now, but with all the drivers I fought with this year [2022], it was hard, aggressive duels where we never touched each other.

“But somehow with Lewis it’s a different story. And to be honest, I don’t understand it,” Verstappen told motorsport.com about his duels with the co-record world champion.


Even in the 2022 season, when there was hardly a face-to-face encounter on the track, the two Formula One stars found a way to run into each other’s cars in Sao Paulo.

“I got blamed for it, which I don’t think is fair. If it had been judged as a racing incident, I could have lived with it. But I just don’t understand it,” the Dutchman said of the incident.




Verstappen hits out at UK media

“Maybe it’s a generational thing like that. […] I have no idea,” the world champion speculated that the age difference between him (25) and Hamilton (37) could be the reason for the friction on the track.

“At least I don’t have the feeling that I deal differently with Lewis when racing than with the other drivers,” the Red Bull driver said.


Preferring not to have the discussion about the accidents with Hamilton at all during post race interviews, Verstappen explained why that is, effectively hitting out at the UK bias with reporting. No doubt his embargo of the UK Sky Sports F1 team last year in mind.

“Because they quickly see that as criticism in England. And that is then held against me,” said the Dutchman, who “very much respects” his great adversary for what he has achieved in the sport.

That’s exactly why he can’t understand why there is always trouble between the two of them on the track says the Dutchman.

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10 responses to “Hamilton smashes: Verstappen hits out at UK media

  1. LH decided at Silverstone ’21 that he will not back out or back off when Max races “hard, so now when they go toe to toe Max is dealing with someone that can race just as” hard”. If you give it, you must also take it.

  2. Once again verstappen blaming everyone else but himself. Look at stats he’s caused most of them through reckless dangerous driving. The guys a fool and the fact he cannot accept he was mostly to blame makes him unfit to be in F1.

  3. Now why did a certain person become known as Max Vercrashen in his early formula one days. It seems the Name should be remembered !!

  4. Is max related to dimwitted harry, because both feel they are the victims for no reason and the world is against them, how my heart bleeds for these pampered children

  5. Interesting title. Let’s start there. He doesn’t hit out. He wonders why. Did anyone read?

    Then the repliers… There’s this large overlap between nationality and type of comment. Dare to add your nationality? Wanna’ make a bet that 90% of the negative comments are English?

    Then, finally, let’s have a look at facts. (Always scary.) Yes. Max is actually right. It was Hamilton who was involved in most of those crashes. Ockham’s razor would then suggest it’s Hamilton who is the problem.

  6. I think Naughty Neutral makes a good point. Because this site is in English 90% of its viewers are from the UK and will always take issue with anything Max says or does. I’m on the other side of the pond; in the US we are stuck with coverage from Sky Sports which I do not enjoy. If Lewis Hamelton is in 5th. place he will get more commentary than all of the drivers running in front of him combined. Hass is pronounced with a soft “a” not a hard “A.”
    There is not “R” in Honda. Bring back Bob Varsha, David Hobbs, Steve Matchett, at least those guys could speak proper English (pun intended, well maybe not).

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