Damning report: “Binotto utterly unacceptable”

Ferrari needs “really capable people” is the conclusion in a damning report on the outgoing Ferrari team boss. Further, the Ferrari boss “was unacceptable” as Binotto fiercely attacked by former Ferrari driver.

After four years as team boss of Scuderia Ferrari, Mattia Binotto will leave the Formula One racing team at the end of the year, with former Sauber boss Frédéric Vasseur taking over Binotto’s duties at the Italian team. While some F1 greats cannot comprehend Binotto’s departure, one ex-Ferrari driver would have made the decision much sooner.



Binotto “utterly unacceptable”

“He was unacceptable, the way he behaved,” slams the French former Formula 1 driver,

“You need a strong hand in this job,” attacked seven-time Grand Prix winner René Arnoux Binotto in an interview with the Italian publication, Gazzetta dello Sport.


The Frenchman blames Binotto for the fact that Ferrari in 2022, after a good start, ultimately had no chance in the fight for the world championship crown.

“In terms of competitiveness, the chassis and engine were top, but unfortunately the stability was not. But above all, the strategy was messed up far too often. And there is an urgent need to clean up the mess. We need people who are really capable,” says the 149-time Grand Prix starter.




“Only the result” counts at Ferrari

The historic racing team from Maranello is under “enormous pressure”, so they should not hesitate in their decisions and show determination. Ultimately, “only the result” counts at Ferrari.

That is what the people in charge have to get back into their heads. For Arnoux, Binotto embodies none of these abilities, which is why he was given too much time.


“I have already said it several times: I would have parted with Mattia Binotto much earlier. And I hope that in Maranello they will finally get away from combining technical and team boss in one person. It was a mistake to let the same man do that,” Arnoux speaks plainly.

“To be successful,” he says, “you don’t have to know how an engine works or a gearbox. You have to assign the right people to do the right jobs and set clear requirements.”


Arnoux raced in Formula One from 1978 to 1989, and from 1983 to 1985 he tried his luck in a Ferrari. He won a total of seven races, three of them in a Ferrari.

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