Verstappen’s biggest mistake

In the 2022 season, Max Verstappen largely dominated the field and retained his world championship title with total command. A performance that was hailed by all the Formula 1 experts, including Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman admires the Dutchman and explains that the Brazilian Grand Prix is the only dark spot in the young driver’s legendary season.

A key figure in Formula 1 punditry over the past few years, ex-driver Romain Grosjean has been a keen observer of the world’s top category of motorsport. Of course, he did not ignore the total domination of Max Verstappen, who overcame the competition to win his second consecutive world championship title. A near perfect season.



“His season was 99% perfect”

Winning 15 of the 22 Grands Prix in 2022, Max Verstappen could hardly have done better given the huge rivalry in the paddock.

An exceptional achievement in a legendary championship according to Romain Grosjean:

“I honestly think he is one of the best I have seen in Formula 1. His season was 99% perfect, the missing 1% coming from Brazil.

“It was the wrong decision and the wrong message to send,” said the Frenchman, referring to the Dutchman’s decision not to let his team-mate Sergio Perez pass on the final lap, when the latter could have overtaken Charles Leclerc in the overall standings:

“The only small criticism is that he didn’t want to let Checo pass in Brazil. For the rest, I don’t think he could have done better”.



“He was stronger than anyone else”

Romain Grosjean said he was particularly impressed by Max Verstappen at the Budapest and Belgian Grand Prix:

“He was stronger than anyone else in those two races. It was so hard for the opposition because you think: This is another level,” he said, adding:

“He was there in qualifying and in the race. He managed to win in Hungary despite a spin. When you start a positive spiral like that, nothing can stop you and he was just incredible.”

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  1. This is just the most obvious indication that good ‘ol mAXY is a very immature person. Even at 25 he’s as mature as a wing nut. Yep, he’s an excellent driver. However, being the best means not doing immature things. Especially at 180+ mph speeds.

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