Rosberg: Verstappen is the GOAT

In impressive style, Max Verstappen won his second Formula 1 World Championship title in a row in 2022. German former F1 champion Nico Rosberg is full of praise for the Dutchman, especially because of the way the season went. The ex Mercedes team mate to Lewis Hamilton feels that Max is a ‘great’, and potentially the greatest of all time.

After his record season with 15 race wins, Max Verstappen was able to celebrate his second world championship title. The Dutchman had already been crowned world champion since the end of October.


The 2016 Formula 1 champion, Nico Rosberg, was thrilled with the 25-year-old’s performance in an interview with Sky Sports: “He is an incredible driver. His level is exceptionally high and it’s just great to witness it.”

Verstappen has already won 35 races in Formula 1. Despite his young age, this already puts him in sixth place in this best list, which is headed by Lewis Hamilton with 103 victories. With such figures at such an early part of his career, the scene is set for further records to be broken by the Dutchman.



“One of the best performances I have ever seen”

Rosberg is fascinated by Verstappen’s strength and declared that the young Red Bull driver is likely set to be a ‘great’ of the sport, if not ‘the greatest’:

“He is a two-time world champion and already has more race wins than Fernando Alonso, for example. I think he’s only really getting going now, although he’s already one of the best drivers of all time.”

The 37-year-old is sure that “Verstappen will also confirm that in the coming years”.



For the German, it was particularly impressive that Verstappen was still able to fight back after a mixed start to the season:

“Ferrari had the fastest car at the beginning. Nevertheless, he had 146 points more than anyone else at the end of the season. He destroyed his opponents on the way to the title. It was certainly one of the best performances we have ever seen.”

After the first three races of the season, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc enjoyed a 46-point lead in the world championship standings.

But many fatal decisions and wrong race strategies quickly diminished the Italian team’s hopes of winning its first drivers’ title since 2007.

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8 responses to “Rosberg: Verstappen is the GOAT

  1. Nico Rosberg and Alonso have suffered at the hands of Hamilton because of his dirty games and acumen for causing untold stress for his opponents. Nico could have stayed and won more WDCs, but he saw that Toto and MB would gang up against him. Therefore, it is not surprising that they needle Hamilton by praising Verstappen.
    It is satisfying to see Hamilton being given doses of his own medicine. If one looks at the huge amount of partiality that FIA is showing in favour of Hamilton, one can’t but wish for more karma for the entire MB mob.

    • Your dreaming, Roseburg retired because he only won being lucky! And Alonso could not handle being beaten by a rookie.. Both were overrated and pale in comparison th LH

    • As expected from Nico who has always been jealous of Lewis i’m not surprised from this fool who couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen and chickened out.

    • Ah, Vijay, the anglophobe, who’s dislike of actual facts, clouds his memory of Max’s own failings; what a shock! While Max is undoubtably a superb driver, his rise to stardom, was dogged by reckless driving. For a 2 time champion to be called the GOAT, is way too premature. Hamilton should be an 8 time WC, save for the idiot, Masi, who illegally applied his own rules. That travesty would never have happened under Charlie Whiting, who was immensely respected by all the drivers. FIA were weak in how they handled the matter, but history has been written. If only, for that miscarriage of justice, I hope Hamilton can rise back up, as he and Russell, were badly let down by Mercedes, this year. Rosberg’s one WC, was largely, due to him being the beneficiary, of Hamilton’s dreadful mechanical woes that year. I’m sure NR realized he was fortunate against a superior driver, and retirement wasn’t a difficult decision.

  2. Good afternoon everyone, I’m sorry to say, but Rosberg has always bent with the wind. Just to remind you, he battled all season with his nemesis Lewis Hamilton, managed to clinch the title – then promptly retired; some might say ‘resigned’.

    He couldn’t handle – I prefer to say ‘cope’ – with the pressure (demands/expectations) that being a F1 WDC winner places one under. Ergo, would it be reasonable to say Rosberg was weak, or more likely than others to take the easy way out?

    If you answer in the affirmative, then perhaps you will understand when I ask the question: Do I place any reliance on his opinion today? Of course the response is no.

    Moreover, there’s an element of spite in his siding with Verstappen, now Sir Lewis Hamilton’ nemesis.
    Make no bones about it, Verstappen is a good racer, however he is also a reckless bully boy.

    So as far as I’m concerned Verstappen will never, ever, be the worthy Champion that the driver of the Mercedes AMG number 44 will always be. I rest my case, my iPad and my remaining grey matter.

    Love to all. Pip! Pip!

  3. A C Simpsons good reply & plausable comments Alonso not in the same League as Hamilton comes over as spiteful Rosberg one hit wonder

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