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After two seasons with Haas, Mick Schumacher was not retained by the American team, preferring to secure the services of Nico Hülkenberg for the 2023 season. The son of the seven-time world champion is now looking for a new team. Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto will ensure the young German stays in F1.

Mick Schumacher’s meagre 12 points in the drivers’ standings this season have not saved his place in Formula One. The son of the German legend drove his last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on 20 November in a Haas car, which has given preference to the experienced Nico Hülkenberg for the 2023 season.


Steiner on Schumacher: “Not for us…”

“He is growing with us, but he can’t make us grow,” Haas boss Günther Steiner told the Beyond the Grid podcast. Mick can become a good driver, he’s already a good driver, but he can improve. But how long will it take us?” says Steiner.

Like his father, Mick Schumacher could be in Mercedes in the next few months if he accepts the role of reserve driver to fill the gaps left by Nyck de Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne, who have both signed for AlphaTauri and Aston Martin respectively for 2023.


Mick is someone who has always been close to our hearts, thanks to Michael and the whole Schumacher family,” said Toto Wolff after the Abu Dhabi GP.

“Ralf has been racing in the DTM for us for a long time, his son [David] is racing with Mercedes in GT and [Mick] is a smart and well-behaved young man. He’s been very successful in the junior championships. We think we can look after him [if he joins us], he’s someone who suits the team,”


“We haven’t really put ink to paper, we haven’t really agreed on anything. I see it in such an open way because I think he is a good fit [for the team] and now we have to make (his recruitment) happen, if he wants it. Sabine [Kehm, Schumacher’s manager] wants it, we’ll see where it goes.” confesses Wolff.

“My father switched from Ferrari to Mercedes at the time. I don’t see any good reason not to do it.” agrees Mick.

Mercedes is a great brand and what they have achieved in Formula 1 is incredible,” said Mick Schumacher,

“I have time now, so I will evaluate all my options and hopefully make the right decision for me. But I’m certainly very flattered to hear what Mercedes and especially Toto are saying about me.”



A move to Mercedes is also welcomed by his uncle Ralf Schumacher, who drove in the German Touring Car Championship, the DTM, in a Mercedes between 2008 and 2012.

“For Mick, it would be an important step to work with a top team. Working with Lewis Hamilton would only enrich his experience and benefit him in the medium term. It would be the best way to relaunch his career in Formula One, as it has been the case for others before him,” confided the 47-year-old former driver



Binotto ‘open’ to the idea of Schumacher leaving for the competition

As a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, the young Mick Schumacher has been supported by the Italian manufacturer’s team since the start of his career, which has allowed the German to enter Formula One as a regular driver in the Haas team, which has been a Ferrari customer for several years now.


However, the small American team has decided not to renew Schumacher’s contract for next season and to replace him with his compatriot Nico Hülkenberg.

Mick Schumacher will be without a seat in 2023 and will have to wait for an opportunity in the next transfer market. In this context, Mercedes director Toto Wolff has already indicated that his team would be willing to take Mick Schumacher as a third driver, but the final say will rest with Ferrari as Mattia Binotto, who will be talking to the young Mick, pointed out.


“First of all, Mick is a great driver, I think he has always progressed in his career and he has also progressed during the [2022] season,” the Ferrari boss said,

“If you look at how he started and where he ended up, I think he showed that he is capable of progressing. And we, as Ferrari and Ferrari Driver Academy, think he is now a great driver.”

“After Haas has sort of made a different choice for next season, we will have to sit down with Mick and try to decide what is best for the future. We will have to decide what is best for him.”


“We don’t have a seat to offer him at the moment, and I think the most important thing when you are so young in your career is to make sure you get the best opportunity for you.”

“If that’s the case, we’ll be fully open to different choices, but that’s something we obviously have to discuss now.” concluded Binotto.

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