Lewis Hamilton’s shocking assessment

Max Verstappen is having a string of successes. After winning his fifth consecutive race in Italy this weekend, the Dutchman is now leading the standings with 11 wins and 335 points this season. The Red Bull driver seems to be unbeatable, and Lewis Hamilton, despite being seven times world champion, has made a dire admission.

Max Verstappen is having a phenomenal season. At the Monza Grand Prix this weekend, the Dutch Red Bull driver once again demonstrated his supremacy, taking his fifth consecutive victory. With 11 Grand Prix wins and 335 points, Max Verstappen has taken a serious lead over Charles Leclerc, 2nd with Ferrari and his 219 points.

Lewis Hamilton, still without a victory this season, finished 5th in the Italian Grand Prix made a damning observation.


Hamilton reflected on the victory of the Red Bull team and Max Verstappen, and not without disappointment.

“We have to be realistic, this Red Bull is almost unbeatable. We will have to make a real effort to beat this car. In terms of performance, they are completely ahead of everyone else,” he said.

In addition, Lewis Hamilton spoke in more detail about Red Bull’s performance, and the inability of his W13 to catch Max Verstappen.

“We haven’t caught them, we don’t have any improvements coming in to overtake them, so it’s going to be down to luck. It’s not impossible because we could have beaten them maybe in Budapest. But they are usually quiet at the front, so you never know their real pace. We’ll see.”



For his part, Max Verstappen let loose after his Monza Grand Prix victory, believing he deserved the win.

“We were the fastest on all tyre compounds. We deserve the win, the car was really good. We just had to manage the gap in the last few laps,

“It’s a shame we couldn’t get back into the race, but it’s a great day. The start went well, especially at the chicane, and I was able to quickly move up to second place,

“Everything went well with the tyres, it was really nice to drive this car in these conditions. I finally have my podium and my victory here”


Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc was much more frustrated after his second place.

“The end of the race was frustrating, we don’t like to finish like that. What happened before led us to second place, but it’s a shame. I was hoping to win in front of the tifosi, I’m disappointed,

“We didn’t know what Red Bull was going to do behind us, but we made the choice to come in at the VSC. I’m not happy with the race because we finished second. Our pace was solid but not enough to win.”

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  1. Max Verstappen has ALWAYS been better than Hamilton. Now that Max has a car to compete with, his mastery has been proved. The brown driver only had the best car, cheating team and the protection of the FIA to thank for his “titles”

    • And your opinion is based on what? The color of Hamilton’s skin evidently. It’s certainly unlikely to be your racing driving experience. An it’s certainly not your intelligence as your post so obviously demonstrates.

  2. Even if the user has been blocked or banned in the background, an update from the site owner would confirm that this behaviour is indeed, not tolerated. Silence implies complicity

      • I don’t like swearing but it conveys the meaning. Thanks for highlighting the comments that are like this, I’ve rely on the new moderator software too much, a lot of comments like that usually get caught. it’s not complicity however, simply that I’ve switched focus to knock out as much content as possible these days and as such have to rely on mod software and last resort commenters calling out others like has happened here. I simply have not the time or can really be bothered to comment

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