Albon suffers respiratory failure during appendix operation

Williams F1 driver Alex Albon underwent surgery during the Saturday of the 2022 Italian GP for diagnosed appendicitis. Albon had completed both Friday practice sessions for the team before falling ill on Saturday morning. Today we learn that the Williams driver suffered complications during ther operation which led to a respiratory failure.

Nyck De Vries was drafted in as a last minute substitute for FP3, Qualifying and the race.

Despite Albon confirming via social media he was now doing well, the team released a statement o Monday afternoon revealing he had required emergency resuscitation. 



“Further to Alex Albon’s diagnosis of appendicitis on the morning of Saturday 10th September, he was admitted to San Gerardo hospital for treatment. He underwent a successful laparoscopic surgery on Saturday lunchtime.

Following surgery, Alex suffered with unexpected post-operative anaesthetic complications which led to respiratory failure, a known but uncommon complication. He was re-intubated and transferred to intensive care for support.

He made excellent progress overnight and was able to be removed from mechanical ventilation yesterday morning. He has now been transferred to a general ward and is expected to return home tomorrow. There were no other complications.

Alex’s full focus is on recovery and preparation ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix later this month.”

Albon was hoping to be fit to drive for Williams at the Singapore GP in two weeks time. Though his ordeal will surely mean this is now in doubt.

Nyck De Fries suffered physically from his race in Monza as the driver admitted his schedule meant he was not as fit as a regular F1 driver. The Singapore circuit is one of the more demanding F1 tracks on the drivers’ fitness so the young Dutchman may well be hitting the gym hard for the next 14 days.

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