New engine for Verstappen after qualifying failure

On the morning of the 2022 Formula One Hungarian GP Red Bull Racing announce they will fit a new engine to Max Verstappen’s RB18 car. The team had solved the Friday problems causing a lack of pace relative to the Ferrari’s ad in Q1 Max split the red cars in P2 and topped the timesheets in Q2. However a poor first run in the top 10 shootout followed by an engine failure on his second run sees the world champion start todays race in P10.

“I just had no power in that final run exiting the pitlane,” Verstappen explained at the end of the session.

“We tried to fix it, but no release. The engine was running, there was no release, and that’s painful.”

Red Bull Racing has decided to give Verstappen a new ICE (internal combustion engine), turbocharger, MGU-H and MGU-K for the Budapest race.

On a circuit that has limited overtaking opportunities this will give Verstappen more chance of coming through the field with the extra power. These components are within the FIA regulated maximum 3 allowed for the season so Verstappen will not receive a grid drop penalty.



Sergio Pérez will receive the same power unit changes as will Pierre Gasly who also runs a Red Bull Powertrain in his Alpha Tour.

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Gasly will be forced to start from the pit lane as the team made the changes without the approval of the FIA. Had they caught approval Pierre would have been back of the grid anyway.

Both drivers have now used three internal combustion engines, three turbochargers, MGU-Hs and MGU-Ks.

With 10 races to go, the Red Bull pair will inevitably be forced at some point to take more components and suffer the resulting grid drops.

This will be music to the ears of Ferrari who have already suffered grid drop penalties for exceeding their allowable number of power unit components and their fragile engines probably mean they will suffer more in races to come.

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  1. Running out of engines? Another foolish FIA regulation to curb cost. Lets have a team tell FIA I can’t run because I have used up allotment. What you want to penalize the driver? I, the driver drives, I don’t built the engines. Lets say the FIA charged the Constructors for this problem and not the driver.

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