Hamilton points finger at media & F1 teams

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has called on Formula One and points his finger at the media to stop giving a platform to “older voices” after an interview last year with three-time world champion Nelson Piquet was published this week in which the Brazilian used a racial slur in reference to Hamilton. The driver also includes Formula 1 teams who have not yet signed up to his charter.

On Wednesday, Nelson Piquet publicly apologised to Lewis Hamilton, but the Brazilian denied that his comment had racial intent and disputed the way it had been translated by the media. However, for Lewis Hamilton the damage has been done and the British driver believes it is now time to act and stop giving voice to people who are out of step with the world today: “I have been the victim of racism and criticism and negativity and archaic narratives for a long, long time, and shades of discrimination,” said Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone on Thursday.

“So there’s nothing really new for me. I think it’s more of an overview. I don’t really know why we keep giving a platform to these older voices. Because they’re talking about our sport, but we’re looking to go somewhere completely different and it’s not representative of who we are as a sport now and where we plan to go.”

“We’re looking to grow in the US and other countries, in South Africa, and we need to look to the future and give young people a platform that is more representative of where we are now and where we are trying to be in the future and where we want to go. It’s not just an individual, it’s not just a use of the term. It’s a bigger picture.

“From now on, we need to take real action. That goes for F1 and the media, we shouldn’t give these people a platform. These old voices, whether they are unconscious or conscious, don’t agree that people like me should be in a sport like this or that women should be here.”

“Discrimination is not something we should be projecting and promoting and giving a platform to create and divide people. In the last two weeks, I don’t think there’s been a single day where someone from the past, who hasn’t been relevant in our sport for decades, has tried to say negative things and started putting me down. But I’m still here and I’m still standing strong [Hamilton is referring to Jackie Stewart’s recent comments about whether the Briton should have stopped his career].”

“It’s all very well standing on the grid and talking about inclusiveness,” Hamilton continued.

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“But it’s just empty words if we don’t actually put ourselves into action. This is a growing business. The teams are making more money than they ever have before, and they will continue to grow. I’m not aware of all the other money that’s been invested in D&I [diversity and inclusion]. I’d be willing to bet it’s not as much as we’ve already invested and plan to invest.”

“I’ve had calls with all the F1 teams that have agreed to be part of this F1 charter and they still haven’t signed, and it’s still not happening. We can no longer amplify these voices that only create this division,” insisted the Mercedes driver once again.



8 responses to “Hamilton points finger at media & F1 teams

  1. I have to marvel at Hamilton’s evil genius. The Vips and Piquet controbversies have fallen directly in his lap. He will exploit it to the hilt and promote his political agenda. He is trying to expand his base, pulling in women, other F1 teams, South Africa and the USA in his net of lies and deceit, conveniently using the platform of Diversity and Inclusion. MB and Toto who danced to his every tune must be held responsible for unleashing the evil called Hamilton. At least now, they should understand their responsibility and shut him up before he destroys F1.

    Unable to understand Hamilton’s true intentions in this brouhaha, his deluded and demented fans will come out with fists flying, rather than think rationally. Tch tch, bad times for the honest F1 fan.

    • 100% correct! Well said, I’ve had it with his SWJ side shows! Pleassssseeee get drivers who are willing to do their talking on track! Make us proud whilst beating cars that is not the clear favourite to win every race they enter 😃

  2. Most people in life get used to being criticized and learn to ignore the insults and characterizations, true or not. Lewis. Hamilton really is a walking talking contradiction, he is a extremely wealthy celebrity with a worldwide audience and claims to be discriminated against and being held in contempt for being a successful black F1 driver; yet most other people of colour are and most likely shaking their heads in disbelief as Lewis rants and raves about his suffering while they struggle in the real world just to get by. Lewis needs to come down from his cloud and see and experience the real world not his fantasy he claims to be real.

  3. If there is any sport in the world that is not racist, it’s F1. Teams are so super compatetive, they don’t give a s* what colour someone has. They just want the best of the best. The problem of not many coloured people in the teams lays way before F1. Education and society.

    • Well the sport is predominantly Uk based and the none white population is less than 6%

  4. What bothers me is that when, for example, Steward says it might be better for LH to quit, he traces it back to his race. While you can also trace it back to his performance now on the track. I’m not going to argue that he never has or has never suffered from racism.
    But he is the highest paid driver on the grid, how can you claim that the sport discriminates against you based on your race?

  5. Hamilton – and others – need to distinguish between a derogatory comment and a racist comment. “Old people matter” as much as “black lives” do, Lewis! If we shut down everyone who was in the sport but is no longer – who’s out there to report on it? And there are SO MANY areas out there that support D&I – and women -too. Time to accept negative comments as simply being that … it’s not always about race! The media reporters who chose to translate Piquet’s derogatory comment as a racial slur have a LOT to answer for!!

  6. I am not a racist. Have friends, close friends of various colours and beliefs. Hamiltons Father cannot be a racist, he has married twice, each time to a non coloured, white person. Hamiltons Mother is white. Hamilton is half coloured, not black. I dislike Hamilton because he is a self centered, unpleasant and totally dishonest person. He, as a coloured person ,has earned a vast fortune in a world which he says is not open to non whites to join and progress. He was made welcome and any dislike of him is down to his attitude, personality and his constant use of his half colour to expound his personal politics. There never was a problem between races, religions, different hued persons until he introduced them. He is constantly putting himself forward as the leader of a so called downtrodden group because of their colour. Now he is becoming a leader of and spokesperson for the Gay Community. Perhaps he should concentrate his efforts more in America, racial discrimination is far more prevalent there. Many full coloured American politicians, land owners, judges, lawyers and so on operate a much stronger control over their colored countrymen than do similar non coloured ones in Europe . I remember well an early video of your father carrying your racing go cart back to the pits, you trailing behind with your bottom lip stuck out and refusing to help or speak. You haven’t changed much . Take your politics and your fortune and go and do some work in America, try politics there, you are just a beginner.
    Finally, surely a high end, top quality, car manufacturer like Mercedes Benz must be wondering if what is being said and done in their name is actually harming the brand. The leader and top driver guilty of lies, politics, theatrical so called injuries. Lewis. Please go now.

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