Rumour: Ferrari saves Mick from a sacking

Did Ferrari save Mick Schumacher’s race seat this year? It certainly appears that way with the latest rumours suggesting that the Ferrari junior driver Mick Schumacher has been given a pass for the numerous problems and mistakes made whilst driving for the Ferrari customer team, Haas F1. This appears to be an order from Ferrari that team boss Gunther Steiner was not happy about with reports saying he wanted Mick out of the Haas team before Baku.

Mick Schumacher did not score any points in Canada despite qualifying on Saturday when things had looked so good: Schumacher started on the third row in sixth place on Sunday which was a career-best for the 23-year-old. In addition, a good start for the next milestone: his first Formula One World Championship points of his career.

But once again it came to nothing when, on lap 20, Schumacher had to unexpectedly steer his car into the run-off zone. A part of the Ferrari engine had most likely failed, making it impossible to continue the race.

“We had to stop the car because otherwise it would have been damaged further,” the German explained after the end of the race.

Particularly annoying for the son of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, “because we had the pace to score points.” In fact, Schumacher was in seventh place at the sudden retirement. “I think today would have been the day,” he said afterwards, annoyed at the missed opportunity.

Schumacher interviewed in f4


The situation was similar for Schumacher’s team-mate Magnussen. Despite starting next to Schumacher, he was also unable to score any points either. As early as the first lap, there was a collision between him and Lewis Hamilton. Race control forced Magnussen to make a pit stop because a part of his front wing was loose and endangered the other drivers. In the end, the Dane finished a very disappointing last.


While Schumacher did not make any driving mistakes this time, there was again no opportunity for him to shine either. It is precisely because of his accidents and the numerous and expensive crashes to the car that he has been under pressure for some time from Haas.

Last year, the Dutch F1 website F1 maximaal calculated that no other driver caused as much accident damage in 2021 as he did with an estimate that Mick’s crashes cost the Haas team around 4,212,500 euros last year.

The website is now reporting that Haas team boss Günther Steiner has simply had enough since the beginning of July. According to the report, he wanted to remove the German driver from his race seat as early as the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. However, Ferrari had vetoed the move.


The “Scuderia” is allowed to name one of the two Haas drivers every year and continues to insist on young hopeful Mick Schumacher. However, Ferrari is also unlikely to have a car available for the 23-year-old for the time being, plus of course, his current performance is well below par for a Ferrari race seat.

The Italians could also force Schuhmacher on Haas next year. After all, Steiner has recently publicly stated that the alleged dispute between him and his driver was “blown up” from the outside. “We just laugh about it now,” he told “auto motor und sport”.

In view of the difficult car to drive for a rookie, and the recent increase in technical problems, perhaps a change would also make sense for Mick Schumacher. According to some media reports, he is an option for Aston Martin. According to these reports, the British team wants to expand in the German market, and in the likely event of Vettel’s retirement at the end of the year, Schuhmacher could succeed him. 




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3 responses to “Rumour: Ferrari saves Mick from a sacking

  1. Mick should leave that useless team who seemingly just doesn’t have the finances to be in F1. It has been so from the day they got into this sport. Every year is the same song of Güenter No money for upgrades. Get out then and let Mario Andretti bail you out.

  2. I’m pretty sure the ‘useless’ team would absolutely love if Mick left the team.

    It’s embarrassing how the media continue to suggest that Ferrari have a place ready for this guy!

    F1 is a meritocracy otherwise Bruno Senna would have driven for McLaren etc etc, yawn… take off your rose tinted glasses!

    I’ve said for over a decade that Hamilton would never drive for Ferrari, despite the media always claiming it would happen and I’ll say now, Mick will prove a good endurance racer but he’s not elite level.

    Whilst Charles Leclerc came through the Ferrari Academy, his performance at Sauber in 2018 highlighted his ability.

    Sergio Perez was also a Ferrari Academy driver, as was Lance Stroll, yet neither is considered elite. Perez was employed by McLaren for one season when Ferrari was not interested in promoting him. I guarantee MSC will never be a Ferrari works driver, nor will Antonio Giovinazzi who I’d argue is better driver

  3. I still have full confidence predominantly through gut-feeling that both Mick & Seb will continue in the end & in the former case, partly also via the Ferrari influence.
    Overall, Latifi getting replaced by/ousted for Piastri is the only driver change across the entire field I expect to happen for next season.

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