Perez forced into an embarrassing apology

The 32-year-old Mexican Monaco F1 race winner, who was apparently heavily drunk after the Grand Prix at the Principality, was filmed dancing with an unknown woman. His wife Carola, who gave birth to their third child before the race in Barcelona, was not to be seen in the pictures forcing Pérez to apologise to his wife via his Instagram story.

Formula 1 racing driver Sergio Pérez celebrated in an all-out frenzy after his Grand Prix victory in Monaco. Afterward, several embarrassing videos of the Red Bull driver circulated across the internet, forcing the driver into an embarrassing apology.

The entire weekend in Monaco, Sergio Pérez was in outstanding form. The Mexican and Red Bull Racing knew how to take advantage of Ferrari’s strategic mistake and was thus able to celebrate his first victory at Monaco, bringing the team mate to Max Verstappen into the championship hunt.


The 32-year-old was filmed dancing with an unknown woman, Pérez now spoke out via his Instagram story in an apparent apology aimed at his wife:

“I’ve seen the videos that are circulating about me and I take responsibility for them,” the Mexican stated, explaining, “It was a bad celebration where I didn’t know how to control myself. But it was just that: a bad celebration.”


Pérez vehemently denied a marital crisis: “For those who ask me, my wife and I are more united than ever,” the Red Bull driver stressed, while sending a message: “To those who want to hurt us, I wish only the best. I thank you all for your love and I apologise to all those who love me, because these videos don’t represent me at all.”

There will be no further comments, he said: “We’re not going to talk about this issue, which is just going to make us forget the great moment we’re having right now as a family,” 




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