Hamilton fuels feud with the FIA criticising Monaco race officials

The Formula One race in Monaco 2022 was far from its usual predictable self. The race was delayed by an hour initially due to rain beginning to fall during the start procedure. Race control decided to allow the teams with drivers on dry tyres extra time to switch to wet tyres for safety reasons.

Yet the delay dragged on and on after the rain had finished falling and the track appeared to be drying significantly. 

Race control released a statement during the delay stating, “the lack of wet weather running during the weekend” as the reason for their cautious approach

Following the race, Hamilton complained about what he felt was excessive cautiousness from the FIA“I don’t know the reason for them not sending us out at the get-go, but we are Formula One drivers so [the weather] is not a good enough reason,” he said.

Hamilton is adament other drivers feel the same adding, “I was like ‘let’s go’ when it was just drizzling a little bit at the beginning. We will talk about it in the drivers’ briefing but we should have started the race.”


Lewis has been at the centre of a number of disputes with the FIA and he isn’t backward in coming forward to point out the error of their ways. 


When Hamilton made his comments he was unaware that the Monaco infrastructure had failed race control and the media centre. Rain had found it’s way into the temporary electrical cabling and shorted the power supply.

Lewis is clearly suffering this season, beaten again by his team mate and has accumulated just 50 points to George Russell’s 84.

Yet Hamilton needs to ask himself whether consistently having a pop at the FIA is wise. He clearly still feels aggrieved over their race officials decision in Abu Dhabi 2021 and appears to take every opportunity to express his displeasure toward the FIA.

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2 responses to “Hamilton fuels feud with the FIA criticising Monaco race officials

  1. Can’t but feel sorry for how the Knight Lebastalier is hurtling down the road to doom, continually making unwise pronouncements. He is crestfallen now but instead of being taught humility and politeness, his condition seems to have brought out the arrogant, petulant worst in him. With Wolff adding fuel to Ham’s fire, it is burning ever so brightly. The twain do not realize that the fire will consume them both. His Public relations team is probably powerless nor does Ham seem in any mood to listen.
    The Grievousmost Of All Time is how the future will remember him.

    My sympathies are with his fanboys who have spent a great part of their valuable lives rooting for him. Now the sensible ones among them who are not blinded by unreasoning hatred for his adversaries will begin to hoot. Better that Ham goes into politics and uses his considerable political skills. He already has the “because I’m black” platform that he has nurtured over the years.

  2. LH has gotten used to adiet of attention, admiration and praise. If he does not get it, he’ll go out to find it.

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