Hamilton nowhere as Russell smashes it

During a Formula One weekend, FP2 begins to reveal the likely qualifying pecking order for the following day. Having struggled in FP1 Mercedes again changed the ride height of their car which had Hamilton complaining “It’s so bouncy our here I’m losing my mind,” adding ironically, “I need elbow pads” due to the extreme bouncing.

Practice two saw the favourites Ferrari top the time sheets with Carlos Sainz closer than he’s been in most sessions this year to his team mate. The Spaniard was a mere 0.044s behind Leclerc at the chequered flag.

Carlos Sainz has received some criticism for his failure to be closer to his Ferrari team mate, but today he was as close to Leclerc as he’s been all season.

The Red Bulls reversed their FP1 order with Verstappen 0.379s behind LecLerc and Perez less than 0.1s behind his team mate.

During the session, pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz observed the team were still making big changes to Hamilton’s car setup while George Russell was making smaller changes and honing in on a qualification setup.

The result was Russell kept improving his time finishing P6 but a full quarter of a second of the lead time. But Hamilton appears lost as how to set up the car.

Meanwhile Hamilton’s woes continued as he failed to make progress. His best effort was a whopping 1.611s slower than LeClerc and 0.85s slower than Russell. Lewis finished the session in P12.

Lewis’ ex-team mate Nico Rosberg observed, “We know that the Mercedes car is difficult to drive, but George has stuck with it and he’s just found this flow out there.

“We know the Mercedes car is difficult to drive here, but George has just stuck with it and found this flow out there… and he’s in the fight with Lando for ‘best of the rest’.

“And Lewis has just lost his way”.

The Mercedes upgraded stiffer floor that performed well in Spain appears to be bouncing the drivers around on the bumpy streets of the principality more than others. Add this to the fact the new Pirelli tyres have stiffer side walls with no suspension travel and you get what Toto Wolff described to Hamilton in Imola as a car that looks “undrivable” for Lewis.

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10 responses to “Hamilton nowhere as Russell smashes it

  1. RUS is currently, by deed, Merc’s lead driver. Delivering performance from a car on a consistent basis usually results in a virtuous circle in which the consistent performer ultimately dictates car development. It’s particularly counterproductive when the driver contributing least is a 6-time WDC for the team. Counterproductive since they feel obliged to listen to him. Just a matter of time till we hear HAM make claims to the effect that someone in the team is sabotaging his car. He might even demand a crew swap and new chassis. Will Merc have the courage to let RUS essentially make the W13 “his” car?

    • I don’t believe you my friend, tge maturity of it is that thae car is no good and Hamilton knows it so no point in behaving like a spoilt child AKA Russel. Whilst Russel is a good driver he will end up in tge barriers where Hamilton is probably trying in his usual mature way trying to identify a solution. So, don’t be a duck and talk sense as you say he is a 7 times world champ who didn’t get there just looking good

  2. Maybe still a bit early but as I predicted a few weeks ago… Ham is struggling more on these narrow circuits with lots of walls and stuff directly next to the track. He just can’t proces his videofeed fast enough anymore. Will be interesting to see the rest of the weekend.

  3. I just think Toto is saboging his lead driver here. Ham is just good and anyone knows it.

  4. Let me get this straight. Your comparing hams car which has massive bouncing again. Lol. Ham will use Russell’s setup for qualifying. They are still testing and hams last tire test were mediums.

    There is still fp3 and qualifying.

    Last race. From 19th to 4th fastest man on track for most of it. Water leak dropped to 5th. He was also coasting for most of the race if you listened to radio. You would know this. You hate Hamilton. Sad dude. 7times wc and robbed of 8th. Crashstappen getting lucky race after lucky race. Without leclerc ferrari issues he wouldn’t be winning anything.

    I hope ham takes over from sainz next season. He would own in that ferrari. Sainz is poor.

    • My friend you are a wise man with good remarks unlike the rest of tge dicks on here

  5. I think it’s quite obvious that Russell is doing better in the w13 than ham. It’s not saying that Russell is better than Lewis just that he is more adaptive. I’m about Lewis’s age and you don’t pick up things as easy as 10 yrs ago who ever you are. Sure if we was still in the last lot of cars Hamilton would be getting similar or better times than Russell. Unfortunately for him part of the sport is adapting to new regs something he has not had to do much in his f1 career. In the last 9 years Hamilton has raced one car compared to Russell racing in loads of cars in loads of leagues. It’s no so much of a shock he is adapting quicker.

  6. Well I do dare to say Russell is better than Hamilton. He crushed LH in qualifying. Again! The world finally gets to see the real racing skills of LH. No longer covered by the fastest car on the grid.

  7. firstly Lewis was hampered by the red flag so he was unable to qualify higher than 8th. Secondly There is no real overtaking in Monaco, not even Verstappen or Lecleric could over take the cars in front of them either the race just became a train has-per. Love what Russell is doing its great for the sport and for the exceptional pool of young talented drivers F1 now possess. But you need to acknowledge he has had all the look with his decisions this year and good on him, but eventually it may well run out there plenty more races to come and anyone writing off Hamilton and Mercedes at this stage are either new to F1 or idiots. Doubt Hamiltons desire and skills at top level and see if he doesn’t prove you all wrong. Have respect for a 7 times world champion because obviously it not just the car otherwise why dont the two drivers from the same time always challenge each other?? Because the driver skill is the most important element.

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