Perez says Red Bull admits to not giving him a fair chance

Sergio Perez said he had cleared the air with his team after the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix when the Red Bull driver was instructed not to impede team-mate Max Verstappen’s race comeback while leading the Grand Prix. He does however say that the team admitted that they ought to have given his two-stop strategy a chance, which they did not.

While he was on a two-stop strategy in Spain last Formula One weekend and team-mate Max Verstappen was on a three-stop strategy, Sergio Perez was told by his team to let the Dutchman through as he cruised to a third consecutive victory after Imola and Miami. After the race finish, Perez made no secret of his frustration at having to leave the lead to Verstappen and said he would have a discussion with his team to “understand”.

Speaking in Monaco on Friday, Sergio Perez said he had indeed discussed the matter with his team this week:

“We discussed after the race, I felt that during the race we could have optimised the two-stop strategy to see if it would have worked or not and that’s what the team adopted, but in the end it was clear that the three-stop strategy was the way to go,” Perez said in Monaco on Friday.

“Obviously when you are in the car you have some information and the team has a wider view. But it was clear that the three-stop strategy was the way to go, it was better to do that.”

Rather interestingly and perhaps a revelation on the internal dynamic within Red Bull to keep the feisty Mexican happy, Perez more or less says that the team admits that they didn’t give his two-stop a chance to work, therefore effectively shafting Perez.



“Everything is clear now, and we all agree that we could have done a better job of giving both strategies a chance and seeing which one would work.” says the Mexican.

When asked if he had received assurances from his team that he would be able to fight for wins for the rest of the season, the Mexican replied,

“It’s very clear, they didn’t have to say it, but it’s clear. I think on my side of the garage it’s clear, inside the team too, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, so it’s pretty clear.”

“There’s a great atmosphere at Red Bull, we’re on a good run, and at the end of the day it was a great team result and they made it clear that I had the full support of the team to see me win.”




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