Horner: Hamilton deserves no “sympathy”

Formula One has arrived at one of it’s most hyped venues. The Monte Carlo principality has hosted Grand Prix racing since 1929 and since the inception of F1 in 1950 it is the second most visited venue behind Monza. Along with the hype of the super yachts, it is traditionally a place where the media like to publish some spicy quotes from the team personnel.

It was of course in  in Monaco where Lewis’ famous quote “Cos I’m black” was made having been hauled in front of the stewards for the 5th time in 6 races

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It was infamously in Monaco that Michael Schumacher having the best qualifying times ‘accidentally’ lost control at Rascasse to prevent anyone else beating his time.

F1 in Monaco brings out the best and worst in everyone.


In the latest war or words between Red Bull and Mercedes, when asked about Mercedes and Hamilton’s woeful start to the season, Christian Horner drily remarked, “There’s no time for sympathy”.

Further, the Red Bull boss believes the tone between himself and Mattia Binotto sees “a greater respect between the two teams than perhaps with Mercedes last season.”


Red Bull have built in Monaco a “Champion Wall” with a huge effigy of Verstappen holding last years driver’s trophy. Ted Kravitz of Sky Sports dryly observed may annoy Hamilton as he walks past it several times a day on the way from the pits to Mercedes hospitality.

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The F1 race in Monaco is rarely scintillating unless the rain comes, however, the actors from the ‘Piranha Club’ never fail to provide us with entertainment galore as the fate of their drama’s unfold.




Hamilton piercings: FIA “won’t let him out the garage,” [Kravitz]

Lewis Hamilton sparked at standoff with new FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem when he refused to attend the mandated FIA gala for drivers 1-2-3 in the championship. Lewis’ was protesting decisions made by FIA race director during the final race of 2021 which saw Hamilton’s rival Verstappen become World Champion.

Sulayem responded at his first press conference as president stating, “rules are rules” threatening to sanction Hamilton for…. READ MORE ON THIS STORY



5 responses to “Horner: Hamilton deserves no “sympathy”

  1. Nothing noteworthy in this… yet! 😉 It will be interesting, however, to see how long Merc and Red Bull continue to suppress expression of just how they feel about each other following their battles in 2021. When, for instance, will Red Bull state that Merc’s winning the WCC was down to luck? A small note: the term “effigy” doesn’t fit for Red Bull’s wall-size WDC tribute to VER.

  2. Rules are rules – didn’t Masi break the rules when he allowed Verstappen to win the race? The FIA as well as sacking Masi should have stripped Verstappen of the title and awarded it to Hamilton. F1 should get rid of the FIA.

  3. Absolutely agree, if rules are rules for some, why didn’t it apply to Masi who broke the rules and gave Verstappen the championship because just before the idiotic crash of Latifi, Hamilton had a 14 sec lead on Verstappen.

    • Horner as usual talking rubbish. Wolfe was too smart funny r him. And he now gets the better if benettio. That’s why he mentioned it. It will all change once Ferrari take the lead and Crastappen becomes a lunatic again.

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