Updated: USA New York Grand Prix

Greg Maffei, head of Liberty Media, the US corporation that owns Formula One, has said that New York City has offered to host an F1 Grand Prix on an updated and brand new city circuit layout.

From 2023 onwards, Formula One will have no less than three Grand Prix events in the United States: one in Austin, one in Miami, a new addition to the current season, and one in Las Vegas, which will make its return to the calendar next year with a brand new track. The pinnacle of motor sport could even have had a fourth race on American soil, according to Greg Maffei, the boss of Liberty Media, the company that owns F1.


“New York wanted to host F1” claims Maffei when speaking at an event in New York.

Maffei said the city had offered a site for Formula One, but so far without success:

“We were approached by [New York City Mayor] Eric Adams’ administration to offer us a venue. I think it’s very difficult. Their proposal, Randalls Island, is probably not the right place for us,

“I think the reality is that downtown racing in a place like New York is just very difficult. Las Vegas is one of the few places in the United States where you can probably run an urban race, the mentality is different. New York is a wonderful place, but it’s hard to believe they’re going to close Central Park for us,” he said.

With three races a year from 2023, the US will be the most visited country for F1.



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