Schumacher predicts disaster for Vettel

According to Ralf Schumacher, the Formula 1 Spanish GP weekend is unlikely to reverse the trend for his compatriot Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin Racing, who suffered a retirement in Miami following an accident with his nephew Mick.

In an interview with, Schumacher did not hide his lack of confidence in Aston Martin F1 ahead of the Spanish race:

”It will be a disastrous weekend for Vettel, I am sure. All the weaknesses of the Aston Martin will be exposed in Barcelona. Unless he does the rain dance, but I don’t see many opportunities for him in dry conditions”.

Currently, the weather forecast indicates three days of blazing Spanish sun which is unlikely to satisfy the four-time world champion’s desire for a wet race.


Looking into the somewhat more distant future, Schumacher sees Vettel’s retirement from F1 as ever closer:

”I doubt he will have the chance to find another team. F1 turns so fast that a lot of guys are chasing it. Seb is still on a decent level, but he is not the future. If a team reorients itself, it won’t do it with him”.

Vettel himself, who is increasingly focused on issues outside F1 as his guest appearance on the British talk show Question Time well testified, has not ruled out the prospect of an exit at the end of this season.



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  1. When he had a dominant car, Vettel was showing his middle finger, calling his co-drivers as cucumber (only a few will know what Germans mean by it) and generally behaved as a spoiled brat. Now he knows he is a nobody and is making a dignified exit. For other arrogant, poorly behaved and constantly politics-playing creatures the same fate is coming to pass. But they will not leave with dignity, inviting the curse of Karma upon themselves.

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