Hamilton throws Mercedes under the bus

Lewis Hamilton makes a damning assessment about the F1 season so far after being asked about Mercedes’ start thus far, Lewis Hamilton admitted that he has not seen any progress to his Formula 1 car since the first Grand Prix in Bahrain. The British driver rather throws the team under the bus declaring zero progress has been made in general.

The technical revolution in Formula 1 is not smiling on Mercedes much at all. Despite radical changes and impressive technical choices, the German team is lagging far behind Ferrari and Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton is in particular difficulty with his new car, to which George Russell has adapted considerably more effectively. The seven-time World Champion is worried that he has not made any progress since the start of the season, despite a far better showing on track as the certified third fastest car of the grid.

what happened to lewis hamilton

“We haven’t progressed,” says the former F1 champion,

And yet over the first 5 race weekends, Mercedes George Russell is the only driver to have finished the GP in the top 5. That is the very definition of reliability and a fast car; Certainly faster than 7 other teams. Wolff corroborated this fact after the Miami Grand Prix by saying “We are the third quickest on the road”.



“We have the same speed as in the first race. So we just have to keep trying. We haven’t progressed, unfortunately, in these five races. I hope at some point we will.” decries Lewis,

“But we just have to keep working hard. It wasn’t so bad in the race. It changes from race to race, track to track, surface to surface, depending on how high we put the car, because we can put the car higher and lower. It wasn’t really bad, just not fast.

“The good thing is that the car is fast when it’s in the right window. But the problem is understanding where that window is. As for whether we can get there with the changes in Barcelona, I don’t know. We all hope so,” 




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  1. Amazing how Ham interchanges ‘I’ and ‘We’ to suit his convenience and to shift blame.
    “We haven’t progressed,” says the chumpion.
    It has never been his fault, including Silverstone last year. He may have escaped in 2021, but Karma will not permit such a deliberate crime to go unpunished.

    • ‘We’ haven’t progressed is including himself in the team. He didn’t say ‘they’.

      Wasn’t Max found partially at fault for Silverstone? When does he get his karma for Monza?

      • Look Lewis is more worried about his myself and image this is my t the first time he has thrown others teammates etc under a bus. Mr climate mt look at me what a git

    • Why must he say I if he is part of the Team that hasn’t progressed? Toto used the same We yet you only single out Lewis! Stop your Racism…

      • Ben, why do you always have to bring in racism, this has absolutely nothing to do w race. If you are an idiot, then that is who you are, it doesn’t matter what race or beliefs you have. Mercedes took him to 7 world championships, and now that they are struggling he continuously slates them. I think that you are the racist here.

      • Racism my bu tt. Lucky Lewis dont have the FASTEST car any more.. A total New world for him.. Them 6 championships were All 95% Mercedes, and 5% Lucky Lewis, The most overrated racedriver in history.

        • You funny but NOT!! 7 Championships is not luck but TRUE SKILL! 103 Wins 183 Podiums to date. Oh yeah his luck!!!
          The G.O.A.T

        • Now here I have to disagree with your indiscretion that Lewis was just lucky…luck doesn’t carry you for sooo long from being a carting champion to F1 champion 7 times and still being robbed of your record breaking 8th world championship.
          Lewis may have been lucky some of the time, but he wasn’t lucky all of the time.

        • It’s not a matter that Lewis hasn’t got a fast car – It’s a fact that he is not fast any more!

  2. Hamilton is a spoilt little brat.Just show that he is not so good as everyone thinks.He was lucky to have a good car.

  3. Any driver that wins an F1 championship Frans Dr Beer including Max has a good car. We don’t hear of Haas, Alone or Aston Martin winning championship’s with their car.. Schumacher, Vettel, Hamilton all well n with good cars. But their team mates also had a good car. Yet Vettel, Schumacher did not let their partners win. Hamilton and Rosberg both won in good cars but we’re allowed to race each other.l, unlike Max at present where he will be #1 and Chico will have to follow. If you believe that Lewis is spoilt then am sure you must also believe that Max is as well with his treatment in the team and help from Masi. Plus if you believe he won the championship in a bad car then your deluded. We all know RB had the best car for most of last season. Mercedes came good and Hamilton caught him. Youcant do that just in a fast car, you also need skill.. And if you think he has no skill and lucky then that would have to imply to all who win a championship in a fast car.

  4. I didn’t notice a blame game or the “throwing Mercedes under the bus” scenario at all. The whole team admit the car car is not as it should be because they went down the wrong route and don’t seem to able to fix it quickly. As for Lewis v George, the latter has adapted quicker than the former. Don’t forget that Lewis is familiar with the systems and team and maybe cannot understand how to suggest a fix. I mean, he would normally know exactly what to do but this time round those same alterations make things worse. George on the other hand didn’t know the car and what adjustments achieves what result with THIS machine so he simple treated it like a totally new enterprise.
    And for the negative attitudes, Lewis isn’t a 7 time world champ for being useless in a bad car, he is a great champ in a great car. It’s just that this year they have had a technical burp. They will be back

  5. Lewis is a sore loser and a poor role model. So nice to see him not having his own way this season. Looks like he is nowhere, without the bended knee nonsense. Lol

    • Five races and they haven’t had your car working properly. Oh come on it’s got to be something they’re holding you back. You won last season they took it from you can’t you see.

  6. All of us know that Lewis is/was an excellet driver and he is still a good one! Fact is however that we have to admit that there are others that outdrives him at this stage! It’s a fact of life – you cannot stay on top indefinitely! Some or other time someone is going to pass – and this is his time now.

  7. Formula 1 without the exciting Lewis Hamilton will be set back several years before new a idol arises. Just like after the death of Ayrton Senna, the reign of MS passed unnoticed until LH entered the scene.

  8. Lets stop all this bad driver stuff.

    The reality is, ALL the drivers on the grid, are of the highest quality.

    To drive ANY F1 car around a track at the highest performance possible (for that car) takes extreme skill and talent.

    The way F1 seats work is that you either:

    Get your F1 seat after driving well in F2 as a junior team driver.

    You impress other teams, higher up the grid, by outdriving the car lower down the grid. This will get you a seat in the 2nd car.

    You bring in mega money from corporate sponsorship. Sergio Perez being the obvious example here, when Paul De Resta got bumped from his car, despite doing reasonably well in it.

    Champions are drivers who add that little bit extra to the party, be it personal fitness, quicker on track decision making, better judgement on overtakes into corners etc, and doing so consistently, race after race.

    If you combine those driver attributes with the best car (or near enough the best car) then you have a championship contender.

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