Big Ferrari update arrives

Ferrari’s boss finally acknowledges that a big upgrade package will be available in Barcelona for the next Formula 1 race. Mattia Binotto also admits that as far as he’s concerned, the current package has been one of the best in the field, but warns that it will be tricky to develop properly due to the new budgetary cap in place.

Binotto says that the development of the F1-75 will undoubtedly be dictated by the current Formula 1 budgetary cap this year, and that his team will have to choose carefully on which race to make improvements. 

“We don’t have the money to make improvements at every race, it’s as simple as that,” says Binotto.

The Italian did confirm that a very carefully planned big update package will be used for Barcelona saying: “We have a package for Barcelona that will be important for us.”


Since the beginning of the year, there has been a lack of talk from Ferrari about technical improvements to F1-75, with the Maranello-based team operating on the principle that a package that works is better than an update that doesn’t, and with the FIA’s budgetary cap on teams this year limiting the scope for all teams to develop.

“It’s not because of the skills, it’s because of the budget limitations. We have to focus and determine the right time to spend it,” said Mattia Binotto.

“It’s true that Red Bull have improved their car since the start of the season and, if you look at the last two races, they have been maybe two tenths per lap quicker than us. If we want to maintain the pace, we have to introduce updates,

“We have a package for Barcelona that will be important for us.”

Regarding Scuderia Ferrari’s competitiveness at the start of the season, Binotto can now confirm that his team is competitive as after the first five rounds of the year, Ferrari leads both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

“I have always said that we have to wait for five races to evaluate the competitiveness of the car. Those five races have already passed and we are leading both championships, so we shouldn’t be disappointed,” added Binotto.




5 responses to “Big Ferrari update arrives

  1. Binotto also started the psychological budget cap war by insinuating that rb has already spent a big chunk of the budget on updates so far. Even hinting that fia should keep an eye on them. However, he forgets to mention that what rb spent on updates, his team spent on fixing Sainz car 🤣

    • Is that like the Ferrari and Haas cars being investigated by the FIA after teams called it in to the governing body.

      They’re all as bad as each other

    • Also you forget that RB had to spend on replacing broken components because of their poor reliability.
      All in all I think almost every team has spent quite a lot so far, but equally I think the season is so long we can’t say yet that someone is better in this regard or not. A lot can happen till the end

      • Nope Percy. Fixes for reliability are allowed and don’t count for the budget cap.

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