Wolff U-Turn: “We have the third fastest car”, it’s not “undriveable”

Having topped the FP2 session in Miami with George Russell, Mercedes began to show their 2022 car’s true potential. 2 weeks earlier this was a car described by their team boss as “undriveable” yet now top of the pile that description looked farcical.

Miami FP3 then bites Mercedes back, as changes they made to the car from the previous session saw their drivers in the bottom 5.

The big picture is simple. Over the first 5 race weekends, Mercedes George Russell is the only driver to have finished the GP in the top 5. That is the very definition of reliability and a fast car; Certainly faster than 7 other teams.

Further, when driver and strategy errors are eliminated, the Mercedes car has always looked the third quickest car on the 2022 grid. So why did team boss Toto Wolff describe it as “undriveable” following the chequered flag at the Imola GP?

The Mercedes F1 car and the way the team choose to set it up is highly unpredictable, but any driver from Alpine, Aston Martin, Alpha Tuari, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Haas or Williams would gladly trade their drive for a seat at Mercedes.

So why the doom and gloom? No team can win everything forever.

The problem is Mercedes have become accustomed to winning by default, and it is difficult for their ‘lead’ driver and team boss to accept the order in F1 has changed.

It always does eventually.

Yet the air of entitlement in the Mercedes team hasn’t yet been extinguished, but it will, eventually

Toto Wolff grudgingly admitted to Ted Kravitz following the Miami GP – and in a U-Turn from Imola who there claimed the car was “undriveable” – “We are the third quickest on the road, but we are in no man’s land”.

Further, this W13 car will not win a race in its current form. There is a prior drawing board version of the W13, which has less potential but may be more reliable. Mercedes may soon be forced to consider returning to their simpler but more predictable W13 if results do not improve.

7 responses to “Wolff U-Turn: “We have the third fastest car”, it’s not “undriveable”

  1. I wouldn’t call it a U-turn, I believe that the team did not understood the car at the start of the season and that it was chaos. They seem to have calmed down and accepted that 3rd fastest is the best they can do now. Also with McLaren on a distance point wise (not on the track), Mercedes can affort to calm down and start getting the situation under control.

  2. It is unfortunate that’ MERCEDES is under the direction of an arrogant, hard headed individual who clearly dislike HAMILTON but dare not to afmit it publicly.. it is obvious that’ he is doing his best to harras him.

    • are we talking about Toto here? I think you have an even bigger problem with news about Lewis that isn’t as positive as Steve.
      Toto has always protected Lewis. All the time….
      However, Toto now has to recognize that there is a change in dynamics and will have to choose what is best for the team and not necessarily best for Lewis. He was just passed by George twice yesterday 🙂

        • …and what’s your point exactly? Russell is faster & his experience allows him to understand the car better than Lewis?….a change is about to happen but Lewis is still ” top Dog”,Russell is running like a puppy as he should 😉

  3. Come on Lydia we all know that Toto and Lewis are buddies. And we also see how well Russel has been accepted into the fold. Unlike some teams take yesterday when sky sports asked Horner if Chico can pass Sainz and Leclerc would he be allowed to pass Max. Politely put was we need maximum points so no racing between each of their. More or less saying max comes first. But in mercedes case all are equal now. George will be treated as fairly as Lewis. And whoever is in front will remain in front. And we all know it’s only a matter of time before they come good again also a matter of time before Ferrari get more speed on a straight. Money wise they can only do so much now

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