Mercedes George Russell finishes P2, Hamilton P8, almost a second slower

George Russell has been trashing his world champion team mate Lewis Hamilton this season. With almost double the points of Lewis, George has finished ahead on track 3 times from 4. Pressure has been building on Hamilton as the media and his fans question whether his career is over.

FP1 in the new circuit in Miami saw Russell again well ahead of his team mate, finishing P2 with Lewis just P8 and around 0.8s slower than his younger team pilot.

Hamilton appeared earlier in the day at the drivers’ press conference, masked unlike most other drivers, and again downbeat. He was questioned about his 3 watches and jewellery and whether he would defy the FIA rules on jewellery worn in the cockpit of an F1 car.

Throughout the interview Hamilton was tapping his feet and shifting position looking very uncomfortable. This clearly translated into his driving for the first hour on track in Miami.

FP2 is in about an hour and this is a huge session for the ex world champion. The psyche of F1 drivers is by the end of FP2 they need to feel they are extracting the most from the car to deliver the best they can in qualifying. FP3 is mostly for long run race simulations, so if Hamilton is a second back from Russell in a couple of hours, he will feel even less confident over qualifying coming up tomorrow.

14 responses to “Mercedes George Russell finishes P2, Hamilton P8, almost a second slower

  1. Sad day … been following this website for what is something like 10years … time to unsubscribe

    What is with the fixation with Mercedes’ and Hamilton ? Don’t get it .. it’s quite dull and quite honestly the opposite of what attracted me to the judge – insightful information about the inner workings of F1

    Hope no offence to anyone !! Been good for many years .. thanks to all the hard work of those over the years bringing fresh content about the sport I love

    Let’s hope the race is a good one !

    • Well if you think that someone who is allegedly the greatest of all time, been in an 8 year winning car streak getting beat by his team mate time and time again isn’t newsworthy, then grow up. Maybe there’s a new GOAT in town.

  2. Crymilton esse never more than an above avarage driver whit a rocketship. Now that Mercedes have a great but not the best car his best is Q1. I love how people tried to debate this for years and are now finally seeing the truth

  3. And … It’s fake news. It’s only practice. Both clearly running different set ups and fuel loads. Try actually racing a car or crewing so you can get your facts correct.

    • Done it – plenty of times. And over 5 race weekends we’d share strategy so one would have more optimum running while the other experimented more

      • LW is one of the oldest on the gride, I think young drivers to come through and knock him out is normal,same as what he did in his young age.

  4. Sir Hammy is overhyped .. Destroyed by boy George.. But fanboys will reply post angrily for stating the facts that he was just got a lucky ride 7..

    • If you are really British as the name suggests, then you are the first Brit not to be shamelessly biased in favour of La bastalier. Hammy is all right as a driver, no more than the others. But his politics playing, lyng through his teeth (I want to be known as the cleanest F1 driver ever – hahaha!) and his bad sportsmanship go against supporting him. I lost all respect for him when I saw his ape-like jumping after Silerstone win last year.

      • He was truly pathetic that day. If his driving antics was done anywhere else than on a racetrack, we would have been arrested, except maybe for Texas, there we would have been shot!

        Noticed how he’s praise and kind words for GR has disappeared now that Boy George has knocked him in 4 of the last five races?

        Way back in 2014-2016 he was protected by Charlie Whiting on numerous occasions for antics that would have made The Torpedo proud. No wonder NR jumped ship after 2016.

        • Maybe if u read something that presents facts more than opinions. You would see he has still been saying that GR is doin well. Maybe Gerhard Berger could tell us what he LH is thinking, rather than Lewis himself saying that everything Gerhard came out with was drivel. NR jumped coz he couldn’t cope anymore, after LH swapping his team with NR in the season he won.

  5. Lol. Clueless. George got two safety car that fell nicely for him then Lewis got blocked because of drivers blocking pitlane entry. Then next race. Lewis got unsafe release infront of him at imola and no Drs for 34 laps and that is a garbage track for f1.

    Miami lewis Destroyed George.

    But in reality, if you knew anything about f1 and you clearly don’t. Some tracks work well with some cars, some don’t. That merc is garbage atm, minor tweaks cause mayhem.

    Lastly, m schumacher was dirty asf, but won with the best car at the time while doing dirty tricks.

    Redbull were cheating when Seb won two titles. All the teams knew it. Politics.

    As for Lewis, long before F1, he was always the fastest. And most consistent

    • Sorry, did you say “Miami Lewis destroyed George.
      Loo started P6, George P12 – and who is the only driver to have been in the top five in every race this year?
      You got it. Not Lewis. Again a strategy mistake caused by Hamilton questioning the team’s call under a safety car

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