Home of the Miami Dolphins conquered porpoising

The much awaited FP1 session which saw the F1 cars take to the new circuit in Miami was revealing for a number of reasons. Firstly, the on board cameras revealed most cars had way less porpoising than seen in the previous 4 events of the season.

Despite being the second quickest car in the last time out in Imola, Ferrari drivers were suffering significant ‘bouncing’ of the their championship leading cars.

A number of teams have brought significant updates for this South Florida race weekend, notably McLaren and Mercedes with new front and rear wings and the lower beam wing above the rear suspension.

The porpoising was worst in previous races down the straights, and here in Miami there are two sections of straight over 1km, however the bouncing of the cars was noticeably different.

FP1 is not really a session where we can understand the pecking order for the weekend, yet Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc finished top of the time sheets a mere 0.071 seconds ahead of Mercedes’ Gerorge Russell. Max Verstappen was just under 2/10ths further back.

Alpha Tauri who have been poor this season were P% with Pierre Gasley and Alex Albon revived by his new start with Williams was P7, with ex-world champion Lewis Hamilton next in P8.

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