Hamilton threatens to sit out Miami GP in standoff over jewellery regs with FIA

The FIA govern world motorsports across a number of continents and for decades has had rules over drivers wearing agreed safety overalls and underwear and not wearing jewellery for safety reasons.

The arrival of the new FIA president has decided to crack down on F1 drivers wearing lucky charms together with ear and nose rings. Their position is simply, ‘where is the line?’

If they allow a nose ring, why not allow another driver a lucky charm from his dead uncle. This issue has been portrayed in the media as being anti Hamilton given his love for Bling.

Prior to this weekend, the FIA issued a reminder to the teams that scrutineering – the checks made of the car and driver for legitimacy – will strictly enforce the jewellery and unauthorised fireproof underwear.

Amusingly, Lewis Hamilton turned up to the drivers’ press conference with by his own admission as much jewellery as he could fit on his body. It included 3 necklaces, 3 watches, rings on every finger and some. It was clearly a protest over the FIA’s scrutineering directive.

“I couldn’t get any more jewellery on today!” Hamilton laughed.

When asked by the FOM presenter why he had so many watches, Lewis quipped “I’m on three time zones”.

He then claimed his nose ring can only be surgically removed and when pressed on whether he would comply with the FIA regulations he replied, “If they stop me, then so be it. We’ve got a spare driver so we’re all ready and prepped for the weekend. There’s lots to do in the city anyway! It’ll be good either way.”

For perspective, this is not an FIA attack on Hamilton as when Formula E raced in Monaco, Pascal Wehrlein and Mitch Evans were each handed a penalty point when they were found to have been wearing chains during the race.

However, whether the FIA would merely issue a penalty point given their strengthened view regarding compliance of this matter is up for debate.

Even if they issued merely a point per race, by Singapore Hamilton would receive a 1 race ban under totting up principles. More likely, penalties would increase incrementally each time the driver defied the FIA regulations.

Lewis Hamilton knows his profile is significantly higher than either Wehrlein or Evans and is prepared to take on the FIA to see how far they are prepared to police this matter.

7 responses to “Hamilton threatens to sit out Miami GP in standoff over jewellery regs with FIA

  1. Acting like a self-entitled, spoilt little brat! As Jenson Button mentioned earlier, F1 drivers should set the example to all other junior drivers. Should the unthinkable happen, and a driver should be rushed to hospital, they would not ne able to perform x-rays etc.

    • i think hamiltkb musg be harsly dealt with and be banned ftom every race because he stes a poor example for everybodu but maybe hecause it is in his genes not to be sble to adhere to rules – F1 will loose dace if they allow this to
      continue – shame on mercedes and toto to sllow this as well

  2. What if he,s got a bar in the end of his old fella that cant come out ,will thr Fia inspect it ?

  3. Good for him!!!! it’s goddamn ridiculous what next annual inspections fuck sakes !!!!! Fucking nanny state and ban the Australian GP they are a damn disgrace that government

  4. Its a safety rule, but sir loo still thinks he determines what rules apply for him and which don’t . He is getting his ass handed to him by the no2 driver (and half the grid), yet the attitude is still there …please sit this one out, see what the sponsors will have to say about that.

  5. Maybe they should ask him to remove the bling at the weigh in – this could just tip the balance on the total car/driver minimum weight and that would be amusing.

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