Miami GP organisers restrict ticket sales

Miami Grand Prix Managing Partner Tom Garfinkel has revealed he believes the Miami GP will be more of an “event” weekend than those at “traditional” GP racing venues.

The event sees a ‘beach club’ set up outside the Hard Rock Miami Dolphins stadium along with a fake arena an yachts in the Monaco style.

Though is isn’t a unique F1 fan area given the Abu Dhabi GP has a beach style area behind the Marina grandstand.

A mere 80,000 tickets for each of the three days were sold back in January and the sale was completed in record time – less than an hour.

We deliberately kept the ticket count lower than the demand,” Garfinkel explains. “I think it was really about trying to make sure we could get everybody in and out of here easily.”

“Concessions, bathrooms… I want everybody have a great experience. I don’t want them to be stuck in traffic for three hours, waiting in line and concessions for 20 minutes.

The Australian GP held in Melbourne this year saw almost double the attendance that will see this weekends Miami event.

“We’re going to start there, and we’ll grow from there. I definitely expect this to grow in the future. But we’ll do it as we feel we can continue to provide that kind of experience for people and continue to grow.”

6 responses to “Miami GP organisers restrict ticket sales

  1. Miami GP is a joke. Only selling corporate tickets. When did F1 become a corporate event only. I wanted to come from the UK to watch but I ain’t being fleeced by greedy organisers.

  2. It’s a business and their goal is to maximize profits. That’s why tickets are ridiculously expensive and only the wealthy and ultra wealthy can afford them. True F1 aficionados who may not be any where near those income brackets are left out. Not a good business plan long term.

    I live a few miles from the track and was really looking forward to attending it in person. My goal went out the window as soon as tickets were released.

    Looks like Canada or Texas are the only viable options.

    • Hey Errol, try Mexico City next year as well. Since COVID cut so many people off, there were fans around the world with 2yrs to save up. Everything is already sold out for this year. But, my friends and I are definitely doing MexGP and the exchange rate is 20-1 so it’s very reasonable to stay and eat while there (flights are about 380). Good luck.

  3. So full of garbage, as expected.
    Sold Out in Only 1 hour? Even though emails back and forth since the GP was announced promised early access sales that never fricking happened (“sold out”before the day of the sale? Yeah, right)!!! Tickets went to brokers and “special guests” To hell with Joe Public.
    Only 80k fans? When everywhere else handles double to triple that?
    What these lying elitists wanted is to only have the pretty and rich people there. People who don’t gaf about F1, and will only be there for gratuitous selfies, ignorant TikToks and IG posts. FU if you’re a casual fan, especially if you’re not pretty enough.

    Way to show how much you value true F1 fans.

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