Kevin Magnussen believes F1 superior to Indycar

Having been dropped from Haas F1 at the end of the 2020 season, Kevin Magnussen found himself a seat in the USA based IMSA sports car championship.

When asked by Craig Slater of Sky how other motorsports series in the States felt about F1 “muscling in on their territory,” Magnussen was direct and to the point.

Whilst suggesting it was unlikely their was an jealousy, The Finn reckons “F1 has really stepped into the top drawer of the sports scene in America”, which is not how Indycar would be described.

Magnussen further commented the F1 track in Miami “was unique,” adding “though a bit like Baku”

IndyCar have struggled to to find promoters who deliver race weekends to the extent F1 do.

Whilst they have blue ribbon events like Long Beach, St Pete’s and the legendary Indy 500, some race weekends feature little other than the Indy sessions on track.

Alexander Rossi commented the other day he believed they had a big event coming up this year in Iowa. Indicating the race promoter was looking to make a splash with both on and off track entertainment all week long.

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