“We don’t think any American is qualified to race in F1 at this stage”

Alexander Rossi was allegedly turned down by Haas F1 in 2015; Rossi has revealed that he was rejected outright by American Formula One team Haas in 2015 when they were in discussions with several drivers ahead of his Formula 1 debut in the 2016 season.

Rossi, who currently drives for Andretti Autosport in IndyCar, spent much of his junior career competing in Europe. Having held a test and reserve driver role in Formula 1 for several years, Alexander Rossi made five grand prix appearances with Manor towards the end of the 2015 season, but as Haas was about to join the grid in 2016 as the only American team, California-born Rossi revealed he had brief discussions with the team.


“There were some discussions and then at Monza in 2015, without mincing words, and it was basically from management ‘we are not interested in you. We don’t think any American is qualified to race in Formula 1 at this stage and you’d better leave and go your own way,'” Rossi said on the Beyond The Grid podcast.

“It was that kind of conversation, the conversations with Haas were very short and direct. I’m not looking for violins here, it’s just part of the sport. If I had to raise an issue, I would just say that there were commitments and things that were said and done with Haas that ultimately didn’t happen for one reason or another.”

Rossi remains the last American F1 driver to compete in the sport, but since leaving he has taken seven IndyCar wins, including a victory at the Indianapolis 500 in 2016.



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