Indycar car needs to up its game now F1 is in town

Over the years, Indycar has been through various iterations and is the premier single seater motorsports event in the USA. But F1 is coming.

With a second race this year in Miami and a third next down the strip of Las Vegas, Indy 500 winner and former F1 driver Alexander Rossi believes IndyCar needs to up its game.

“With three races, it’s something we need to be aware of, certainly continue our development and plan in terms of what we’re doing with the series, with the driver personalities, the teams, the representation we have out there. I think it’s certainly a moving target.”

At present Indycar has three big events each year, St Petersbeg, Long Beach and the Indy 500. These weekends are packed full with entertainment much like an F1 event.

Yet a number of the IndyCar events are little more than just the cars on track, whilst F1 is an action packed motorsports and musical extravaganza.

Rossi believes, “It’s hard to sell someone on devoting three days of their lives, with all the distractions we have in the world now, to just watch cars going around the track, right? It’s all the other things that are going to keep people captivated for the entire day, want to bring their friends and families out.

“I think Formula 1 has that kind of sex appeal to it. They’ve done a good job of marketing it, pushing that, displaying that.

“I think IndyCar to a certain extent needs to work on that, but also we just need to continue to push the product that we do have in creative ways.

“I think what we have is very special, but we just need to be creative and continue to push the envelope in terms of showing that to people.”

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  1. I have been thinking about this. Indycar’s niche is oval racing. Need to bulletproof that and add more. Most street circuits make for terrible races because their is usually no room for passing, and you know the condition that USA roads are in. Please do something! Your equipment is staring to look raggedy also! When F1 is doing pit walks you see the impressive pits and cars an HUGE brakes! Should be a little more classy…look at NASCAR with the new car! IndyCar is the only major series that has a 10 YEAR OLD CHASSIS!

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