Steiner on Schumacher: Must do better!

Haas F1 team boss Gunther Steiner expects Mick Schumacher to take a step forward in his Formula 1 development, and fast.

“He has to learn to drive at the front. It’s tighter in the midfield,” Steiner told Germany’s daily Die Welt by explaining: “I’ve said to him that the higher you go, the thinner the air gets.”

Formula 1 driver Schumacher had last started the race in Imola from tenth place, finishing second to last after two spins which brought some derision from Ralf Schumacher, uncle to Mick and brother to Formula One legend Michael Schumacher. 

Indeed Ralf failed to defend his nephew in any way on German Sky TV and described the incident as “too much”, and “That shouldn’t happen [at this level],

“He was much too late on the brakes and made a mistake,” said Ralf.


The fact that the Haas is good enough for points this year is still an unfamiliar situation for the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher, as Steiner said:

“It’s new for him to use the car for an overtaking manoeuvre. Last season we only drove behind and he was too rarely able to do that,” said Steiner, who attested to Schumacher’s meticulous work ethic:

“He wants to get better and that’s why he invests so much time.”

Schumacher is the only regular driver apart from Nicholas Latifi (Williams) who has yet to score any points this season. His new team-mate Kevin Magnussen (Denmark) has 15 points. The fifth race of the season takes place on 8th May in Miami/USA.




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