Vettel retirement imminent

This season, Aston Martin Racing F1 team is facing some difficulties that seem to be complicated to overcome. As a result, Sebastian Vettel may soon reconsider his future with the British team according to a former Formula 1 driver, indeed it could be imminent.

Since the start of the season, Aston Martin has been struggling to develop a car that is competitive enough to compete for top ten places. This website broke the news back in January after factory whistleblowers contacted us. The British team’s best finish is twelfth, and Lance Stroll is becoming a consistent finisher albeit out of the points. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, has had a poor start to the season with his first race at the Australian Grand Prix ending in retirement after an accident.

In the face of these problems, the German could quickly reconsider his future, having already gone through a delicate phase with Ferrari in 2020.


“I can imagine Vettel losing patience at some point soon”

“I imagine Vettel losing patience at some point soon, because he knows how long it takes to get out of such a bad patch.” says Glock,

“That’s why the question is whether he is still motivated to race. Now we have to wait for the next few races to see if he is motivated and what he decides next for his future,” said Timo Glock, a former Toyota F1 driver.




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  1. For now, I’m confident he’ll continue beyond this season’s end.
    I certainly don’t rule out the retirement option, but I view continuation as more likely despite the present performance level, but time will tell.

  2. Oh seb you cannot leave F1. It’s a new outfit bear with it . Will be very unhappy if you left .

  3. Headline: Vettel retirement imminent

    Article: ….well it might be, I saw another article mentioning 2 ex drivers’ opinions about it and decided to write a half assed article of my own with a misleading headline and no citation source.

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