Mercedes see Hamilton pull his finger out at last

Lewis Hamilton will be finally working hard over the next few days to help Mercedes find more performance in their W13 F1 car to help capitalise on the fortuitous position the team finds itself in; with lead driver George Russell and the Mercedes team both in second place to Charles Leclerc and Ferrari in the championships. The British seven time champion has been asked to plan for sessions in the team’s simulator at Brackley to support the effort.

Last year, Lewis Hamilton revealed that he did very little driving in the team’s simulator, just 20 laps a year since joining Mercedes, with the seven-time world champion preferring to leave that work to the team’s test drivers and concentrate on driving on the track at Grand Prix weekends. But Hamilton’s approach has been requested to change somewhat, and Hamilton will now have to take time out of his busy jet set schedule to use the simulator to find performance.


The seven-time world champion has been told that Mercedes will need the support and work of everyone in the team and will therefore be in the Mercedes simulator ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, round four of the 2022 F1 world championship. For this reason, Hamilton’s rhetoric has now changed to a more positive stance.

“We need to make improvements and we need everyone’s support to achieve this,” admitted Hamilton,

“We just need to make sure we don’t neglect any effort and maximise absolutely every moment. So there are a lot of meetings with the wind tunnel people and the aero guys, we’re looking at all areas,” Hamilton said after the Australian Grand Prix.

“There is performance to be gained in all areas and we need it now, not in two or three races. As a team we just need to keep that drive going, keep that energy high and I’ll be in the simulator preparing for the next race.”

Ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton sits fifth in the drivers’ championship, two points behind Sergio Perez.




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  1. Absolute rubbish. What was he doing all year last year when they were struggling with the car? Talking through your rear end. Since when Russel us lead driver? Biased rubbish.

    • What an absolute garbage piece. Who writes this trash?? There is nothing honest about this entire article, Lewis was in the simulator last year and has mentioned quite a few times already this year that he’s been hard at work trying to find more performance. To call Russell the lead driver is also ludicrous, Hamilton was ahead until a lucky safety car switched them in the last race, and the one before that we saw the team use different car setups and Lewis was caught out.

  2. Doh – since he has more points than Hamilton … makes he the lead Mercedes’ driver, currently!

  3. Hmm, usual anti Hamilton slant, last year he made it known he was in the simulator more than in the past. And likewise this year he made it clear that he’s spending time in the simulator and at the factory trying to expedite the improvement of the W13. There has been no edict made calling him, he’s already there. As George said the first thing he noticed about Hamilton on joining Mercedes as a junior driver was the admit of work Lewis does to improve both the team and his own performance

  4. Absolute TRASH piece, written by someone who clearly doesn’t watch F1. Has the feeling of being put together by a young person, maybe 17 years old, and perhaps a bot developed by that same person’s friend, in their spare time… for a school project.

  5. Stop beating on Lewis you absolute t@&t. George is not lead driver for a start. Don’t unnecessarily slander the greatest of all time you absolute nobody. Pathetic little waste of space

  6. “Judge”

    I know you find it irresistible, whatever your motive is… be it financial gain through clicks or other… but publishing articles that slight individuals like this, verges on libel

  7. The comments already written give the owner who employs schoolboys reason to review their employment criteria. It would make the site less farcical

  8. Literally subscribed just to let the author and “editor” know just how shit an article this is! Little Britain mentally from a closet racist. Please kill yourself!

  9. Is this the result of those zoom calls that he promised to make after Aus GP?

    Before all you hamitards accuse me of being a racist, I just don’t like the guy. He is a hypocrite and I’m glad that Belgian kid beat him last year. Maybe if team AMG MB didn’t spend resources for him just to come second last year maybe they’d have a better car this year.

    Forza Ferrari

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