Wolff surprising comment on Max Verstappens’ title

Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff has given high praise to Max Verstappen despite the events of last season with a surprisingly positive comment on the Dutchman winning the Formula 1 drivers title.

In 2021, there was a fierce battle between Red Bull and Mercedes, especially between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton for the world F1 championship title. In the end, it was the Dutchman who emerged victorious from this duel. However, this victory was marred by controversy.

The Mercedes team cried foul over the race decisions taken by FIA race director Michael Masi. However, the result is now confirmed, Verstappen is the 2021 Formula 1 World Champion and Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, has validated this title.


“He deserves his world championship title”

In an interview with De Telegraaf, Toto Wolff had some strong words for Max Verstappen:

“It’s true that there were some controversial moments last year and everyone has their own view on the matter, their own perception,

“Often the truth is in the middle. But if you ask me personally, apart from his driving qualities, I think Max is very mature and intelligent for his age. I have a lot of respect for him and also for his father Jos,

“That will never change. (…) Max drove hard all last season and also missed a lot of points. He deserves his World Championship title.”



10 responses to “Wolff surprising comment on Max Verstappens’ title

  1. Leave to Toto to take the high road with his effusive praise of Max. Unlike Horner who does little more other than complain about Toto/Lewis/Mercedes.

  2. Horner is living out his racing days when he was always second, third or worse. Once a loser… He hates MB and LH as they have beaten him consistently for years and he could only win last year by getting Masi to throw his career away and gift it to them and even then he couldn’t win the team title which went to MB again. Horner has a couple of dolls of Toto and Lewis which he sticks pins into daily as he is a very sad little man,

    • Again, you both miss the point. Quote from Wolf:

      “Often the truth is in the middle. But if you ask me personally, apart from his driving qualities, I think Max is very mature and intelligent for his age”

      Another quote from Wolf:

      “(…) Max drove hard all last season and also missed a lot of points. He deserves his World Championship title.”

      That’s not a max fan that said this. Or a Hamilton hater. This the teamprinciple of the Mercedes F1 team speaking.

      So how stupid can any Hamfosi be, who keeps denying or ignoring it?

  3. Don’t be a muppet Duckey, Toto unlike Horner is a diplomat, he knows that no good would come from bad feeling and animosity towards Red Bull. Yet the same Toto was incandescent after Abu Dhabi and was very vocal in saying Lewis was robbed and made his feeling about RB well known. He knows he cannot change what happened but only an idiot would say that Max deserved to win that race when apart from that final lap he had no chance until Masi threw his career under the bus. Toto is no idiot and is thinking forward the past is the past and as a pragmatist he is saying things that make the rumour mongers go away so he can focus on what’s important. Whilst I agree that Max is mature for his age and undoubtably intelligent, he is also young and inexperienced compared to the likes of Vettel, Alonso and Lewis and it shows. His crazy driving style which is more like karting than F1 will only continue to lose him more points and get him more penalty points. Toto knows that too which is good for MB and Lewis. After giving Max a head start last year and catching him I have no doubt he will do the same this year. Also, now Max has to contend with Leclerc and Russell as well as Lewis and I don’t think he will fare too well.
    A word to the wise, no-one liked Max’s dad Josh when he was driving and he isn’t very well liked on the grid now, so I would do what everyone else has done and read Toto’s comments between the lines. You will find what people like Toto say to the press and think in private are very different.
    You are in a minority and if you and this site continue to trash Lewis, people will write back and correct your ludicrous notions. They aren’t all Hamilton fans either just normal sensible people who hate seeing a great driver being rubbished for no reason other than it gets your rocks off.

  4. Haha. So typical. Even when a statement from the gods themselves is contradictory with their belief, the believers create a reasoning to fit the discrepancies into their own world. ‘Cognitive dissonance’ is the word for it.

  5. What a load of crap, since when do my beliefs differ? You clearly didn’t read what I said as usual, problems with reading and spelling I see. You are getting desperate Duckey, I believe the term is ‘clutching at straws’. Here’s another term ‘Schizophrenia’, how are Badgerman, Hedgehog and your Psychiatrist friend these days 😂

    • I’m not going to take anything seriously from someone called Goatman 😂 What a moron!

    • By the way Goatman (what the hell is that about!), I’m retired now but have had a full life as a company director for over 30 years. I have a CAA and FAA pilots licence with IMC, Night and Twin ratings. I’ve a Yachtmaster licence to pilot boats over 30m and I’ve held ARDS Int B and C racing licences driving single seaters to BTCC over a thirty year period. What have you done, I would find out about someone first before calling them an idiot otherwise you end up looking the idiot.

  6. Wait. There was no mention of Masi from Toto in this article.

    Has he got over their break up?

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