Hamilton latest honourary title

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has said he wants to spend more time in Brazil and has indicated his approval of an offer to make him an honorary citizen of the country.

The Mercedes Formula 1 driver was in Sao Paulo this week to deliver a keynote speech at an event focusing on business and digital transformation. Previous keynote speakers at the VTEX Day event include former US president Barack Obama, British entrepreneur Richard Branson and former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Speaking from the stage, Lewis Hamilton said:

“I want to spend more time in Brazil…it’s such a beautiful culture. I’ve only been to Rio and Sao Paulo, but I want to come back for Christmas, New Year’s or something. Neymar [football player] invites me every year, and Gabriel [Medina, professional surfer] invites me every year, but I’ve never had the chance…I’m waiting for my Brazilian passport.” said Hamilton who was happy to name drop the celebs.


A bill to make the British driver an honorary citizen in Brazil is pending in the lower house of the Brazilian parliament but has not yet been voted on. The decision was proposed by Congressman Andre Figueiredo after last year’s Brazilian GP, during which Hamilton unfurled the Brazilian flag after his victory at Sao Paulo’s Interlagos circuit.

The Briton, who could become the most successful driver in the sport’s history by winning an eighth world title, has always regarded Ayrton Senna as his childhood idol.

Referring to the plan to make him an honorary citizen of Brazil, Hamilton said on his social networks: “I would be honoured”.




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