Red Bull sends a very worrying message to Verstappen

With Max Verstappen having already been failed twice by his car’s mechanical performance, Red Bull is not being very reassuring about the future for this Formula 1 season.

Red Bull seems to have handled the new F1 rule change rather well as the Austrian-branded team’s car is performing strongly, fighting at the sharp end, and only the Ferrari team seems to be stronger at present. However, the Scuderia has a clear advantage: reliability.

Indeed, in three races, Max Verstappen has already had to retire twice because of mechanical problems, leaving Charles Leclerc to take the big points. And the Red Bull bosses are not very reassuring. Starting with Helmut Marko.


“The question is very complex,”

“We were able to clarify the cause of the fuel leak in Max’s car. But the issue is very complex. The problem is absolutely different from the one in Bahrain,

“We don’t know if a reliable solution for this problem can be put in place in time for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix next week. We will change what we can to hold before we have something more durable,” said Red Bull’s motorsport consultant



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  1. Worrying indeed, as Max can’t really afford any more big points losses in the WDC battle.

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