Leclerc or Verstappen….. who will win?

Rate the Race and Driver of the weekend – Race 2, Jeddah street circuit,  Saudi Arabia, 2022

Mean Reader score7.4 Rated 1/2 races this season

This was the second GP at this circuit and scored a little higher than last year’s inaugural score of 7.1. Once again controversy ruled supreme here but this year it was not only the appalling Human Rights record of this country which was under the spotlight but also the fact that there was an ‘air strike’ on a petrol facility a few miles away from the track just ahead of one of the free practice sessions. The drivers were up late deciding whether to race at all this year when they ‘discovered’ their safe passage from the country could not be guaranteed if the race did not go ahead. (!?) (This was not an April Fool’s ruse). Anyway, back to burying our heads in the sand and let’s just get on with this ‘report.’

Having overcome said late night, Perez took the first ever pole of his career. Sadly his fifteen minutes of fame only lasted about that long, as Ferrari pulled a magnificent dummy on Red Bull, forcing Perez to pit early whilst Leclerc stayed out and took the lead of the race. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the following lap, Latiffi made his second visit into the barriers and caused a yellow flag, s VSC and a full safety car. Oh dear. Red Bull weren’t having a good race, as the rest of the field pitted for fresh tyres under the safety car and poor old Perez, could do nothing about it, except trundle slowly around the track. The re-start wasn’t much better as he ‘pushed Sainz off the track’ when Sainz emerged from the pits, and had to give the place back(but not until after the re-start).  It’s not as if Ferrari and Red Bull were the only ones having a difficult time, as Tsunoda didn’t make it to the starting line due to engine failure on the formation lap. The two alpines were slugging it out in the early laps, on the road to worn out tyres and null points. Russel thrashed Hamilton this race and Magnussen continued to earn his keep at Hass by coming home in P9 and scoring ANOTHER two points for Hass this week, bringing their total to 12 points.

Again this week it was Leclerc and Verstappen who provided most of the entertainment by attacking and counter attacking for the lead. Once more, it looked as if Leclerc was trying to ‘deliberately’ hang back to get DRS down the strait, as he had done last race. This week, though it only worked once, as the second time he tried it both Leclerc and Verstappen locked up, with Leclerc gaining the advantage and even though Versatppen had DRS Leclerc was too far ahead for DRS to be of use to Verstappen. It was third time lucky for Verstappen who finally seemed to get the measure of Leclerc and, showing patience was in fact a virtue, hung back, got DRS and powered his way past Leclerc and into the lead on Lap 46. Phew, no wonder our esteemed leaders couldn’t choose between them for our Driver of the weekend accolade!

Driver of the WeekendSplit this week between Max Verstappen and Charles lclerc, both on 33.3% of reader Vote.

I can’t help feeling some of the voters in this pole are not taking it seriously….. as they voted for Sebastian Vettel as Driver of the Weekend; having said that, this single vote may have been cast before lunch on Friday, (HA HA HA APRIL FOOL !!!!) (The more alert of you may have noticed that Vettel was not in the race this weekend as for the second race running this season, he was out of the weekend as he tested positive for Covid prior to both sessions). No matter, their one vote made no difference to the outcome of the poll as it was even-steven’s between  the winner of the first Race, (Leclerc) and the current WDC, Verstappen. As far as I’m aware this has never happened before? (Not an April fool’s joke this time).

Well, I can see why the vote was split….. it was a cracker of a race (the best this season!!!) and the finish certainly left me on the edge of my seat wondering who would win. A good comeback for the current WDC who managed to score a DNF last time out and take P1 in this race. With a score of 25 points he has gone from last in the standings to P3, behind the leader Charles Leclerc (on 45 points)  and his Ferrari teammate , Sainz, (on 33 points).Well done Max and Charles!!


32 responses to “Leclerc or Verstappen….. who will win?

  1. I would think as a host of a site like this Judge, you would show some impartiality but on some posts it’s pretty clear you are a Max fan. You aren’t Dutch like a lot on this site are you, as that would make it hard to be impartial? Saying things like ‘the best race this season’ after two races is a bit daft but people seem so keen to be writing Russell and Lewis off which after two races is a bit silly, there is a long way to go yet. If you remember last season Max built up a large lead in a faster car but MB sorted their issues found more speed and Lewis reeled Max back in and if you aren’t a Max fan, Lewis was champion last season.
    Granted the first two races have been really exciting and I’m looking forward to it continuing this season. Our resident ‘Human Error’ champion has also gone two races without bouncing off his rivals which is an improvement but a leopard doesn’t change his spots and I think his truck load of penalty points may have something to do with it but when things get tight he will resort to crashing into his rivals again be it Leclerc, Lewis or Russell. Of course it wont be his fault as they didn’t get out of his way. Horner and Marko or should I say Laurel and Hardy have one of the greatest F1 prospects in their charge but he is a kid. Instead of guiding him like Lauda did with Lewis, they just keep telling him he is great all the time. As a result he thinks he never makes mistakes and is like a Ford Focus with a jet engine. Way to go Red Bull, Max deserves a lot better and a proper guide not a pair who couldn’t find their own arses with both hands and a map.

    • You’re a salty fellow… The hate you spew is unbelievable. And before you go off on me again, no you don’t know me. I know that much because for some reason you seem to think I’m a max fan. Which I’m def not. I dislike the driver and the person. But the irony of your comments is off the charts. You do exactly to max articles as what you hate people do to lewis articles.

      You also say a leopard doesn’t change his spots. I recall lewis crashing in to massa quite a lot. Are you saying he just doesn’t crash anymore because his car was 1.5s faster than the rest? Or is King Lewis the exception? You give him this godlike statute but I remember him crashing in to albon not so long ago either…

      • I built a successful career from speaking my mind and not suffering fools gladly. You have posted some negative posts about Lewis in the past, I seem to remember you questioning his ability after just one race using a cardboard box analogy, I would expect that from a Max fan who most often by definition are Lewis haters, Duckey always insisted he didn’t hate LH but some of his posts said otherwise like when he said his Knighthood should be taken away and that he moaned, whines and was a sore loser, none of which is true, so I defend it. I’m no more a Hamilton fan as I am a Federer fan but if someone wrote he didn’t deserve his Wimbledon titles I would defend that too. I love racing and most sports, my family are all good at sports, my son was scouted by all the top Rugby clubs and played for Saracens until an injury ended his career, my youngest son played semi professional basketball and both my sons are single handicap golfers and they beat me all the time, which is my weekly humiliation.
        I’m really not a hateful person, I don’t hate anyone but I’m a very large guy over 6’4″ and my wife always says I’m gone soft and maybe I have. I grew up in the East End and it toughened me up but now if someone nicks my parking space I don’t care but I do get wound up on this site which is why my wife doesn’t like me posting on it. I feel that these Lewis haters get away with murder, they know sod all about racing or Lewis so I get stuck in. You call me salty but I just think I say it as it is call a spade a spade and throw a bit of humour in too, I’m a funny guy 😊
        I have to agree I don’t know you but years ago I was very good at reading people and you come across as an intelligent and articulate guy but I’m much older now, a lot on this site can’t spell to save their lives. If I made a wrong assumption and you aren’t a Max fan I apologise but who do you follow? I follow McClaren as they are from where I used to live and I used to fly over their factory landing in Fairoaks airport in Chobham, it was always a distraction. I’ve been to the factory a couple of times and they do a great job competing with the big boys. I respect both Lewis and Max but although Lewis has his faults he is a genuine guy and I know people who mix in his circles and they all love him. Max is much harder to like, he is precocious, petulant and arrogant, he always blames everyone else but I blame Horner and Marko not Max, he needs a mentor like Lewis had Lauda Max needs someone to stop him thinking he can just crash into everyone and get away with it. Max has massive potential but I think RB will just hold him back, I would like him to be more like Russell and Leclerc and less like his dad.

        • Really unbelievable how you take EVERY opportunity to brag and drop complete irrelevant personal info, that nobody cares about … Your inferiority complex must be off the scale. Or everything is just your created online alter ego… either way… Good you try to defend your god because he is the only one that appearantly is incapable of defending himself. Welcome back Steve. You we’re gone, now you’re back 😀

          • I wasn’t gone Duckey I went on holiday to Nice and Monaco which I do most years, so yes I’m back which is just as well. You hate Lewis despite your pathetic assertions to the contrary and probably because like me he is successful and dare I say it he is black. You bristle and hate it every time I mention my success which is why I do it, I love tormenting you Duckey you are a troubled soul that would provide a weeks entertainment at any Psychiatrist function you really need help. I told you I have a friend who unlike you I haven’t shared your profile but she can help you, what were you thinking sharing my profile with a Psychiatrist that given your history probably never existed!
            You are such a sad case, you are like those people that imagine people under their bed 😊 My profile is like anyone else’s not made up, there is no corruption or CIA 😂 I have an FB page which I’m sure you can find that will back up what I’ve said, like I said you and Exocet are the liars why would I lie, I’ve no need to.
            How many times do I have to say I’m not a LH fan yet you still rattle on with the same old rubbish.
            Has it ever occurred to you Duckey that as I know how much you hate me talking about my life I just do it more, you really aren’t the sharpest tool in the box. You always come out with the same old conspiracy nonsense even though you know I’m telling the truth as you have checked on me. You just like to peddle your rubbish to make yourself something you aren’t but people still take no notice of you and that’s just sad.
            Before I go, some news I’ve been to Bristol Aston Martin at Vantage Point and ordered a new DBX 707 in Racing Green like the F1 car with Copper Tan and Havana Duo tone trim. The last AM I had was twenty years ago a DB9 Volante which I collected from the factory so I’m very excited. I’m guessing your Kia has broken down which is why your are posting like mad today, if only there was money in Hamilton trolling you could upgrade

          • Our cleaner Lynn is selling her ten year old Renault Clio, it’s in great shape so I wondered if you fancied an upgrade.

      • When we only look at Albon, Hamilton crashed 2 times with him … Brazil 2019 and again Austria 2020.

        • Oh please Duckey, you really are scraping the barrel now, isn’t there something more useful you can do, shopping, knitting! It was another racing incident like all the other dreadful incidents you dredge up. Lewis got a five second penalty so the stewards really threw the book at him😂 Why don’t you be realistic and compare who has the most penalty points rather than keep dredging up racing incidents that the stewards have already looked at.

      • I’m getting old and only read your first paragraph and skipped through the second and what a mistake that was. I was gracious and apologised and then you write a load of biased nonsense like that. I can’t delete my post but I wish I could, you say your not a Max fan and then behave just like one and I’ve been down this road with Duckey! Leopard not changing his spots, King Lewis, God like statue my god you are as bad as Duckey if not worse its all trolling rubbish. My wife is right I’m getting soft, years ago I would have seen it and kicked your arse.
        I defend Lewis and yes I call someone an idiot when he’s being an idiot and I’m sorry but your last paragraph shows you know sod all about racing or Lewis. There is a big difference between crashing and causing a crash. Drivers make mistakes all the time and they are called racing incidents, Latifi does it honestly but Max is like Schumacher, Rosberg and such and do it deliberately but then the stewards give you penalty points and Max has more than anyone else. I raced all sorts of cars for years and the whole point is finishing but Max would rather crash than give way so he has a lot of DNF and penalties too, that is why Toto said Russell is the more intelligent driver, crashing serves no one.
        I find it very sad that people like you just cannot own up to what they are, Duckey like you insists he is not a Max fan but like you he just writes inaccurate and stupid comments about Lewis and yet our ‘Human Error’ champion and who also has been awarded F1’s biggest whinger never gets a mention. If you post me again you will really find out the meaning of salty!

        • “The more intelligent driver”… you mean the same Russel that crashed into Bottas at Imola?

          • How about Max crashing with Ricciardo, have you ever wondered why he left Red Bull? I wouldn’t want to have a team mate that would take me out and then blame me either.

          • Just to show the difference between you and I Duckey and I know how much you hate it but I worked bloody hard for what I have, 7 days a week long hours for months going into years. What have you ever done! I have a TBM 940 which cruises at 400mph so when I go to Essex I get to cruising altitude and then I’m landing again, I can fly to Paris from here in less than an hour as at cruising altitude the air is thinner so I go faster, Essex in 40 minutes and Paris in just over an hour. I also had a Riva Rivale which I loved but hardly ever used, I used to cruise down the Dart and have dinner at the Malsters Arms, Tuckenhay when Keith Floyd was in charge and I took up most of his pontoon. For what the boat cost me I had to sell it as I didn’t use it and maintaining boats are hugely expensive. I tried chartering but it was a massive hole in my pocket. My plane on the other hand pays for itself and I can fly anywhere in Europe including the Haig and Amsterdam. Do you get the idea, I wasn’t gifted these things I worked bloody hard for them, the fact you have nothing is on you so if I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. This is a racing site, I’ve done forty years of racing and know drivers and personnel. It is useful to people on this site but you making childish comments from your own insecurity solves nothing and affects the integrity of this site.
            I have many cars and also belong to a supercar club in London that deliver cars to me in Devon, I’m a Black member and my sons are sub members. My current favourite car is my Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Coupe as it is a Hybrid but wickedly fast, I have an old 2018 Urus which my youngest son uses mostly and my Bentley Continental plus others. I also have my original Ford Sapphire Cosworth in Burgundy which I had chipped to 310bhp in 1991. I still drive it now and it still drives like a rocket, I also tried to buy my old Ford Capri 280i but it had been scrapped. I’ve other cars but most of the time they remain undriven except when my kids borrow them.
            I like to think I can be a useful addition to this site so I’m giving it one more go. If you can stop sniping at me stop pretending to not be Max fans and generally just be up front I think we can make a useful contribution. However, I have much better things in my life than keep fighting trolls and insulting statements so please lets be civil and focus on what this site is about racing.

          • Ducky, don’t forget the intelligent driver Hamilton hitting Raikonen in the pit lane with the pit exit closed.

        • So now it’s my fault you only read half my comment? very weird. Also weird how I go from intelligent and articulate to the biggest fool on here in the space of two comments. While I didn’t change in the span of an hour.

          So I’ll begin at the beginning, if you still want to read what I have to say. I am a vettel fan. Since his jr career. I don’t care for max. I have been vocal of that since the days of him karting. I don’t like his actions and I think the fia is the one who created this monster.

          But for you to say I know sod all about racing is a bit much when you attack the messenger and not the message. is it untrue that lewis had his run-ins with massa? is it untrue that he had 5 years where he didn’t need to fight for it because his car was that much quicker? And wasn’t it lewis’ big idol who invented the “either you let me pass or we crash” mentality? And btw, lewis does the same, if he knows the other party will let him bully them. Like rosberg in the first couple of years together.

          And as for you kicking my ass… I highly doubt that. Once more you think you’re the only big guy out there. The only one who raced. The only one who has this or that…
          And all I did in that second paragraph is using your words against you, so weird that that triggers you the most.

          and then you say: ” If you post me again you will really find out the meaning of salty!” so please do get more salty but this time try to make it about the thing I said and not some random comments that provide nothing in the discussion…

          • Yes it’s your fault giving it the ‘I’m not a max fan’ and then in the very next paragraph, which stupidly I didn’t finish reading until after my post. You are as bad or worse than the other Hamilton trolls on this site. You either have a dual personality or are just plainly a liar, either way you weren’t what I thought you were and it wasn’t an hour more like five or ten minutes but I couldn’t delete my post.
            Why don’t you do yourself a favour and read back your second paragraph and then justify it, it is all just hateful nonsense. So go ahead and justify it, I’m all ears, especially from a Vettel fan. Like I told you I’ve met Vettel and he is a nice guy and friends with Lewis but can’t stand Max because Max kept crashing into him and always blaming Vettel, so he would like you like Herpes.
            What do you know about Rosberg because I know plenty and what a nasty devious little git he is. He couldn’t beat Lewis in karting and then couldn’t beat him in F1 but driving for a German car a deal was struck. Lewis was sworn to secrecy and made to sign a binding NDA and then Rosberg retired but MB got a German champion which they hadn’t had for years. It stank as much as Abu Dhabi and I hope one day the truth will out. Just look what happens when Rosberg tries to interview his old team mate and then watches as he ignores him and walks right by, enough said.
            Your third paragraph is just embarrassing, you clearly know sod all about racing. Your claims about Massa was ten years ago when Lewis was a rookie. maybe that is your point but as I’ve said many times before, Lewis had the maturity to learn listened to Lauda and became a much more complete driver. Lewis has often said he would easily beat the driver he was ten years ago. Max however is too arrogant, wont listen and will continue to be the reckless dangerous driver he has always been. Berger recently said Max should drive nicer in other words stop trying to kill everybody. As someone that knows nothing about sport this may come as a shock but in any sport the best have the best equipment. Best footballers, basketball players play for the best team, so best F1 drivers have always had the best cars but Bottas is a fine driver and once said how really difficult it was getting a result against the GOAT. As I’ve said I’ve been around racing for over forty years and know many drivers who all think Lewis is the GOAT, Sir Jackie Stewart the legend said Lewis was the best driver he had ever seen. Ignore anything Button and Alonso says as they hate Lewis with a passion because he beat them out of site.
            I’m never going to take you seriously as like Duckey you are a Lewis hater, your posts just shout it out. You also wouldn’t know the difference between a racing car and a washing machine but just keep posting your vile troll posts, I’ll just know better than to get involved as those orange tinted glasses don’t come off.
            Your fourth paragraph shows how little you really know me, just be thankful we never get face to face, plus I think you are 5’4″ with acne and just like Duckey hiding behind his keyboard. I have a plane and I’m not afraid to use it 😂

          • @steve of the both of us there is only one who is acting though and hiding behind a keyboard. I don’t feel the need to flex about things. Nor do I believe anything of what you say. And my acne cleared up 20 years ago so no worries there either.

            And I most def doubt your metal capabilities. You draw a lot of conclusions from things that aren’t there. You remind me a lot of trump to be honest. Spouting a lot of hot air. Trying to justify things by projecting on others.

            but yet you say this about me: “You either have a dual personality or are just plainly a liar, either way you weren’t what I thought you were”. Hahaha, please..

            As for knowledge about cars and racing, I don’t need your approval for that. I have my credentials and experiences but unlike you I don’t feel the need to exaggerate them nor flex them.

            as last point I’ll say this: critique is not the same as hate.

          • I’m an old guy and as such not the same as my younger days but I don’t hate anyone, I have many friends and known as a nice guy. If you knew me you would know why my wife hates me on these sites as it brings the worst out in me. My wife has known me for over forty years and never saw me back down from anything but these days I’m a Grandad and my children who have their own families now run rings around me.
            My company used to have offices in New York, Jacksonville and Chicago so I spent a lot of time in the states. I actually think Trump was a great president as he did more than his predecessors but they just needed to take his phone away from him. Every time he tweeted his PR team had bloody nightmares. I’m thankfully not like him, I may get irritated but I’m not a hateful person. Many years ago I took my Dad shopping and my Dad was always a likeable laid back guy but he told the girl cashier off for using a calculator as he always taught us to do large sums in our head, I had to take him outside. Getting old really sucks!
            I’m mentally very sound I do puzzles and things like Wordle every day, I still have my 100% record. So I’m not senile yet. You did lie to me so maybe that’s something you should ask yourself about and why you needed to. There are so many mental cases on this site but I’m guessing you don’t need to be. Duckey is a very sad case and really beyond saving and takes his hatred of his own sad life on me but I’ve had enough of that and to be honest these conversations was not what I signed up for on this site. So I’m taking a break for a while, maybe have another holiday.
            Hate is a lot different from critique and when you see some of the anti Hamilton posts on this site you wonder where the hatred comes from but I enjoy taking the mickey out of them which rarely goes well. You aren’t the normal knuckle dragging idiot I’ve dealt with but your knowledge of racing isn’t great either but at least you are reasonable and you are right you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
            Taking a step back will help I think and keep my wife and son happy but I’ll leave it for another couple of races and hopefully MB will be back on track and all those people that have written them off can eat their words. I’ll be rooting for McClaren and I do have a DBX 707 on order in racing green which is the same as Vettel’s livery so I’ll be rooting for him too.

          • @steve, I’d like to ask you what did I lie about? Because I can’t remember one lie I told on here…

    • I didn’t write this Steve, it is @F1TheaJ regular post race readers poll column… Also, please be aware that there are contributors and commentors on TJ13 whose native tongue is not English, so perhaps be aware of that when making criticism of spellings or grammar. Also, McLaren is spelt McLaren 😉

      • Thanks Judge that clears up the impartiality as sometimes it is very Max biased and often gives MB a rough time. I’m very well travelled, I’ve been to every continent more than once and speak four languages plus a bit of German and Italian as in my day you had to be able to express yourself or be left twiddling your thumbs while everyone carried on. In that time I’ve written spoken and used other languages but spelling shouldn’t be an issue, especially as you have all these tools nowadays which you didn’t have in my day. You know who the worst offenders are but I think they are too desperate to make their post without watching what they are posting. I like your site Judge so keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry for being a bit thick here but I’m having a bit of trouble determening WHO you are criticising in your responses. This second paragraph you refer to as indicating the authour knows nothing about F1, is this from Excorcet’s response or my original article?

  3. Haha Steve… Expand your fake online presence as much as you like. Just 1 sentence from me and you’re annoying your wife again for half an hour writing endless bullshit.

    • Oh go and play with the traffic Duckey you pathetic individual. You never make a point as you don’t have one as your intelligence cant cope with a riposte so sarcasm is the only tool you have in your very empty tool box. I genuinely feel very sorry for you, no job, no friends, a shit car and no prospects, all you have is this site where you can shout at people to make yourself feel validated. You’re not though Duckey, you are a 24 carat loser and all the sarcasm in the world wont change that, so do yourself a favour and dig out the employment pages and find something useful as you are about as much use as a chocolate fireplace here.
      I’ve told you before I went on holiday my son warned me about pathetic trolls like you that just crave attention as they are anonymous at home so you never let go, well this is me letting go. I’ve got my lovely life which I’m now going back to and which I worked bloody hard for, you go back to your keyboard, microwave and basement and work on those employment pages. I don’t have much influence in Holland but still have a stake in Compass and Sodexho so maybe I can find you a job, just as long as you stop being a waste of space here.

    • Fake online presence! 😂Don’t forget the tin foil hat tonight Duckey 😂 You’ve never met my wife but she was a a successful Barrister so on a different planet from you but she does say you are a moron which given she doesn’t read your posts was a pretty good guess 😂

  4. Well done Steve. Another several longreads answering Exocet. Another few hours well spend! Your wife will love it. Too bad the content is the same again. Hate, swearing. Blaiming and bragging. Minitrump is a very good nickname for you. Your not even good in building a fake online persona. C’mon.. spend another hour and tell us about your meeting with the queen and your WW2 medals 😂

    • This is a racing site Duckey or Dickhead which suits you better, it isn’t a tool to take out your massive insecurities, personal problems and basically a crutch for being a massive loser. My son is so right all you trolls want is the attention so I’m just saying that I’ve replied to Exocet who unlike you seems to be a bit more human. You, I imagine are a short, ugly and a spotty individual with very few friends and someone that hasn’t seen any female contact since you went to Amsterdam’s Red Light district and paid for it and boy did they earn it. I’m not going to be your punch bag any longer so find something else to take your frustrations on or better still get a life, maybe some human contact will help with your many Psychiatric problems. I’ve told some friends of this weird bloke who pretended to have a Psychiatrist friend and some thought you were dangerous which is a laugh but others thought you should actually find a real one and get help.
      I’m logging off for a while, not leaving completely but I care about my family and it’s not just my wife that disapproves of you and others on this site. I can just imagine you smashing away by candle light Googling me, you really are a very sad case. My wife says you were dropped on your head as a baby, I just think I’ve got things slithering on their bellies in my garden that are more interesting and intelligent than you so I’m taking my families advice and hanging up my laptop for a while. What will you do without me to focus your anger and frustration on, personally I think you will implode and disappear up your own arsehole. In case you didn’t get it the first few times as I know you have problems reading or writing, reply all you like I wont be reading it.
      Good luck with the shelf stacking and maybe one day you will get that Ford Focus you dream about but one thing I do know is it wont be a Bentley, you have no clue about what you are missing 😂

    • I give it a week!

      Or we should say somewhere that it’s Hamilton’s or Mercedes’ fault or both.
      Then he has to come back on defense.

        • I’ve been away and it’s been nearly a fortnight and it was a nice break away from you and your fellow trolls and dealing with normal people with normal healthy views. I was in Essex for a while and caught up with a few friends of mine. They are all wealthy successful guys so you would hate them Duckey. We had a good laugh about your invisible friend, the Psychiatrist. Some people have invisible friends as young kids, usually lonely ones but at your age Duckey it really just says how sad you are. So, we all agreed you should really go and see a real Psychiatrist with your issues, you really need help. The worst being that your ability to invent people that don’t exist which extends to Badgerman, Hedgehog and others they are all you. Since my last post you have posted three times, one baiting me, so take the troll target away and you have nothing also the site barely registers a few posts a week which just shows it only survives on your trolling bullshit, like the Hamilton baiting post on his piercings, which brought all the Hamilton trolls out. It seems you have a reputation as a site for trashing Hamilton which is no surprise as you are Dutch, so I’m going to find another site with real racing fans and talk about racing without putting up with your Hamilton hating crap.
          Sad trolls like you Duckey only exists for the attention, so not using me to take out your frustration from your own sad life really shows and you have no reason to post. I can’t help thinking that as you are such a loser, why not use the same energy you have posting trolling garbage on making your life better, like earning more than minimum wage and getting out of your bedsit. As usual, you now will immediately get on your keyboard and start trashing again but don’t bother as I’m done with this site, so how are you going to cope now, I don’t know maybe get a life?
          Lastly my new DBX 707 arrives in July, I’m excited as I’ve had some fast SUV’s including a Urus and a Porsche Turbo S (which is a Hybrid!!) but this is will beat them all. As I have the golf pack I’m being fitted for my new clubs which are unique. You could never hope to buy such a car while trashing Hamilton from your basement which is my point, so do yourself a big favour Duckey leave the trolling and go and make a life for yourself, I can promise you F1 racing fans won’t miss you at all. Also, are you really Judge13, given the Hamilton trashing and familiar posts? That wouldn’t surprise me at all but if you are you really do need serious help, inventing people that is what very sick people do.
          Anyway, goodbye Duckey, you are going to miss me far more than I will miss you.
          BTW. My wife says you need to find a woman or a man to save you from yourself, that’s good advice I would take it if I were you.

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