Russell challenges Mercedes ahead of Australian GP

British Formula 1 driver and team mate to Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, challenges Mercedes ahead of Australian GP: This season, Mercedes is having some difficulties on the track, and as a result, he expects the Australian Grand Prix to be a similar race to the other two, George Russell was keen to challenge his team on its level and its long overdue progress.

With the new F1 regulations that came into force this season, Mercedes is struggling to find the right balance. For the moment, the German team is experiencing some difficulties as shown by the results of George Russell, but especially those of Lewis Hamilton who is languishing far behind the main protagonists of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

Since the beginning of the year, the two drivers have fallen behind the Red Bulls and Ferraris in terms of speed. For the Australian Grand Prix on the 10th of April, George Russell expects to experience a similar race to the other two. The British driver took the opportunity to question his team on its current level.


“We need to make real progress”

“The Australian Grand Prix?” says Russell,

“Honestly, I think it will be very similar. Since we are the third fastest at the moment, I don’t see why that would suddenly change.

“We are closer to fourth than second. So the next few races are likely to be similar. We need to make real progress.

“At the moment we are struggling to understand what is wrong with the car, but I have no doubt that we will become much faster when we do. But that’s easier said than done,” said the Mercedes driver.




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