Will Leclerc be the WDC for 2022?

Apologies for the lateness of this piece (are some things better never than late?) In my defence (such as it is) I’ve been on A/L and had to travel some 700 miles, which is a LONG way on Little old England, had a lot of gardening to do (planting a vegetable garden, as well as planning house refurbishment, preparing to move 300+ miles north).

Time flew past and before I could say F1 Round 3 we were already (almost ) into Round 4.  Well, here it is and thanks to all of you who voted in our polls for Rate the Race and Driver of the weekend, round 3. Like busses, you wait ages for one then two turn up together. Here goes…..


Australia 2022 – Rate the Race and Driver of the weekend – Race 3, 10th April 2022

Rate the race: Mean reader score 7.25 Rated 2/3 races.

Marginally lower  than 2016’s 7.26  but way higher than the 4.59 of 2019.

This race  was not the best of the season so far. Possibly the most dramatic aspect of it was what didn’t happen (Verstappen finishing the race). Having had 2 DNFs out of three races, Verstappen is nowhere to be seen in his defence of his WDC title.  

Russell made his first podium for Mercedes and moved into P2 in the WDC, ahead of team mate and seven times WDC champion Hamilton, who made it up to P3 at the beginning of the race by overtaking Norris and Perez.  No one seems to be referring to Hamilton as the GOAT anymore?  

Vettel had the weekend from hell and  possibly thought Covid was a better option than returning to F1 this season. Perez had a moment overtaking Russell. Sainz beached his Ferrari and looks like becoming Leclerc’s wingman at Ferrari, rather than challenging him for WDC.  So it came as no surprise who won our Driver of the weekend…..



Driver of the Weekend Charles leclerc , 37.1% of Reader Vote

Once again we see Leclerc taking our coveted title. Has this race sealed the 2022 championship in Leclerc’s Favour? He’s now won two out of three races and is leading the WDC by a country mile, with his nearest competitor being George Russell and not , as expected , Verstappen, who has now had two DNFs this season. Hamilton is nowhere in the running for his 8th WDC, so who will be wdc 2022? Could it possibly be Leclerc or will Verstappen come storming back? We’ll just have to wait and see! Meanwhile, Well done Charles!



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