Vettel returns to F1 but Aston Martin car still yet to be finished

Aston Martin has confirmed that driver Sebastian Vettel will be in the car for the 2022 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne from April 8th to 10th. Perhaps a reluctant return to Aston Martin Racing as the AMR22 still resides in the wind tunnel unfinished, the German forced to race the current uncompetitive car.

Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel tested positive for Covid-19 just days before the season opener in Bahrain and was therefore unable to compete in the first race of the year, while the following week in Saudi Arabia the German had still not returned a negative test, once again forcing him to remain in isolation for the second round of the season. It has been mentioned within the paddock that Vettel has been very reluctant to return to such an uncompetitive package.

TJ13 reported on a crisis in the team as far back as January when a whistle blower contacted us describing the issues since Lawrence Stroll took over the team. It has since been learned that the current AMR22 F1 car is in fact an early iteration and that the real F1 car intended for Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel is still being developed in the wind tunnel. It is not expected that the ‘real’ car will be ready in time for the Australian Grand Prix.


Germany’s Nico Hülkenberg replaced Sebastian Vettel for the first two Grands Prix of the year, but the Aston Martin team confirmed on Thursday that Vettel has now tested negative for Covid-19, meaning Lance Stroll’s team-mate can compete in next week’s Australian Grand Prix.

“We are pleased to confirm that Sebastian Vettel is now fit to race and will line up alongside Lance Stroll in Melbourne to kick off his 2022 F1 season at the Australian Grand Prix,” Aston Martin said in a short statement.

Sebastian Vettel will finally be able to start his 2022 season next week on a completely renovated Melbourne track.




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  1. Unless I am mistaken, no F1 car is ever “finished” until the final update has been applied, such as at the last race of the season – so this talk of the Aston being an interim car can surely be applied to literally EVERY car on the grid

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