Will F1 clean up its act and go further against ‘toxic’ elements?

For the 2022 Formula 1 season, TJ13 turns toward its resident F1 fan and practitioner of Tarot cards for her thoughts on the up and coming Formula One season ahead. Who is your favourite driver, and will they have a good season? Answers could be explained below ahead of this weekends Bahrain Grand Prix




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Bahrain GP 2022 Tarot Reading

Well, we’re back. Hopefully, I’ll be a big more regular now I have a new Monday to Friday job that gives me more time to actually read for the GP’s.

So, the Sun enters Leo at the start of the race, this is also the Spring Equinox, which will have profound effects at the start of the race. Also, being the first sign of the zodiac, it wants to be number one in everything, a big personality with a tendency to be selfish and a bully, it also has big ambitions, saying this, the race is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster.

Max and Lewis fighting it out threatening and bullying to see who’s got what it takes to be the Alpha Male in the pack, while an outsider may take advantage of this and grab the glory for himself. The Square between Mars in Aquarius, a fundamental fight for revolution and change by revolutionary means and Uranus in Taurus, also wanting change in the status quo but in a more measured way, shows that a kick up the staid and boring F1’s arse is well on its way.


What can we expect to see in the Bahrain Grand Prix

Mood for the weekend – Four of Coins

What to look out for – Two of Swords

Outcome – Five of Spears


Mood for the weekend: Four of Coins

On the card, the head of the Iron Bank sits on his throne, his hands rest on two coins, while two other coins are above two pillars behind him.

The suit of coins represents the element of earth, this shows us family, money, career and home.

This is a card of security and holding onto your assets (stop sniggering in the back please) you don’t want to let go of money or position, in fact you are clinging on to this as hard as you can which can make you look mean and grasping (I wonder who this is pointing to, she said sarcastically)

There is a need to let go here, not just individually but collectively. F1 needs to let go of dodgy regimes dirty money, they did it once with the Mazepin’s and the Russian GP but more dirty money needs to go if the fans are to believe their “We Race as One” message. This card is saying, they need to take stock of the position they are in at the moment and the good they can do by distancing themselves from dirty money.


What to look out for: Two of Swords

On the card, a blind Arya Stark stands outside the House of Black and White, she has two swords crossed over her chest, one is a training sword, the other is her sword, Needle.

The suit of swords represents the element of air, this says logic, communication and a challenge are needed.

This card shows that you are putting off making a decision, all two cards show decisions and making a choice, this card is showing you are taking every step to avoid making that decision. The swords crossed the chest and the sightless eyes show you’re avoiding using your heart because you don’t want to hurt or be hurt by someone and the sightless eyes show, you are deliberately not seeing the choices in front of you, but this is the suit of logic and that is telling you, you have to face up to this.

Following on from the last card, this card is saying you HAVE to make a decision, the wishy-washy excuses aren’t going to work anymore. You’ve thought about making a decision in the last card, in this card you’re trying to weasel out of making a choice for fear of upsetting people so you’re telling yourself, like the Bug Blatter Beast from Traal, if you can’t see it, it can’t see you. It’s time to pull your big boy pants on and face up to your responsibilities, make the choice.


Outcome: Five of Spears:

On the card, five Unsullied soldiers are practising spear fighting skills.

The suit of spears represents the element of fire, this in turn shows us passion, creativity, self-will and pizzaz.

This card represents forgetting what it is you’re actually fighting for and it is the culmination of the previous cards. F1 has concentrated to hard on business and making money that is has forgotten it is actually a sport. The fights going on in the paddock have nothing to do with sport, who wins, who loses it’s more about who has the best, who is at the top, who has the most money, who can get the most money, who can stay at the top by fair means or foul, the mudslinging and the threats off track have taken over the on track action, is this what the sport has become now, and I use the word loosely, is this what F1 has become, mudslinging, tantrums and threats off track neutering the tank slapping, elbows out wheel to wheel racing on track?



This reading is sending out a very clear signal, F1 has to take a long hard look at itself in the mirror and decide what is it, is it a business, out for every penny it can screw out of everyone, regardless of whether that money is clean or dirty or it is the pinnacle of Motorsport?

It’s taken steps to clean up its act by booting out the Mazepin’s and the Russian GP but there’s still a lot of dirty money being laundered here, so it needs to go further if it’s “We Race as One” is going to be believed. However, deep down it knows what it needs to do but it’s ignoring the choice it has to make, it believes that if it ignores it, it will go away, but now it’s made this tiny step against Russia, the shouts about addressing some of it’s other races in dodgy regimes are getting louder, as are the voices about it losing sight of the fact this is a sport not a business.

The whole of F1, teams, drivers, fans, journalists and the FIA are so busy fighting among themselves they are losing sight of the reason they’re all here in the first place, the sport of F1, if they don’t stop fighting for the sake of fighting, the actual sport may slip away from them. Everyone needs to step away from the fight and look at the sport for once and see the damage the in fighting is doing, the fact that F1, once the pinnacle of motorsport, is now the laughing stock should shake the FIA and Liberty to it’s core.

There are choices to be made here, do you break up the fight, bang a few heads together and read the riot act and regain control and turn it back into a sport or do you stick your head in the sand and watch it drown it a toxic pit of poison? You decide.



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