Verstappen speaks out about his legitimate title against Hamilton

Max Verstappen has given some comments on his World Championship title last year over Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen was crowned world champion after a fantastic season and a rather ‘colourful’ Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. He spoke about the title he believes is legitimate and had been chasing since his early days in Formula 1.

After seeing Lewis Hamilton quickly take advantage of him at the start of the 2021 season, Max Verstappen was able to reverse the trend at the Monaco Grand Prix before going on to win the following weeks. However, the Mercedes driver made up ground in the home straight of the World Championships before losing out to Verstappen in the final corners of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


At the age of 24, the Dutch Red Bull driver won his first world championship title, depriving Hamilton of an eighth world title, which had made him the most successful driver of all time ahead of Michael Schumacher. A few hours before the start of the season in Bahrain on Sunday 20th March, Max Verstappen took the opportunity to reflect on his victory.



“It took us seven years, it could have been four, five or never happened!

“It’s always difficult to predict the year it will happen! I never really thought about it. You also need to seize an opportunity don’t you?” hinting at the last gasp chance of the safety situation in Abu Dhabi,

“You need to drive for the right team, have the best car or at least one that allows you to win races. That was finally the case last year and you could see straight away that we were ready to fight. It took us seven years, it could have been four, five or never happened! You never know.

“But we won despite everything, and I’m happy about that,” Verstappen told the media.



7 responses to “Verstappen speaks out about his legitimate title against Hamilton

  1. Illegitimate I would say! The FIA should have stripped him of the title and awarded it to Hamilton. If the had been followed correctly by Masi then the race would not have restarted. The FIA did not follow through what they started when they sacked Masi.

    • Colin the fair thing to do is to take out that match completly. Since as you state it schouldn’t have restarted and it could have consequences all over the grid.

      So we scrape the last race end of all discussions.

  2. Sir lulu should have been disqualified after he took out Max deliberately and put him in the hospital at Silverstone. That was the real error in the whole season, and that would have decided the championship way before the last race. Interesting how hamhooligans consistently ignore that fact.

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