Verstappen’s startling remarks on Hamilton’s Mercedes

As the new Mercedes Formula 1 car, the W13 ‘B’, hit the headlines in Barcelona, Max Verstappen had no hesitation in giving a surprising opinion on Lewis Hamilton’s updated Formula 1 challenger.

In Bahrain, for the second winter test session, the big star was the Mercedes. Indeed, all eyes were riveted on the new features that the German team has brought to its car, starting with the absence of side pods on either side of the engine. For the time being, it is impossible to say whether this will allow Mercedes to dominate the field, as the teams are focusing on reliability rather than performance, but Max Verstappen already has a radical opinion on the car of his great rival, Lewis Hamilton.


“I don’t know if it’s legal but it’s ugly isn’t it?”

“I don’t know if it’s legal but it’s ugly isn’t it?” suggested Verstappen,

“Even the colours chosen are not exactly harmonious, it’s really not nice! And, for their ‘zeropods’… It’s a different way of working with the 2022 concept.

“At the moment we don’t know who has the best solution. But if Mercedes has done better than us, we’ll just have to brake a little bit later to make up time,” he said in an article reported by




23 responses to “Verstappen’s startling remarks on Hamilton’s Mercedes

  1. Max may be a great driver but he is an immature petulant brat. Look at how Lewis handled Abu Dhabi, he was stoic and gracious then look at Max in Jeddah, he sulked and pouted and stormed off of the podium throwing a massive strop. Lewis is a true champion in every sense of the word Max is a pretender and a paper champion but sadly believes he is the real deal which is just sad. Like the child he is he has been sending Lewis childish posts taunting him since his title was gifted to him and his choice of No.1 which Lewis ignored is another swipe at Lewis, this boy needs to grow up. He has now come out and says he doesn’t care about the new Mercedes car and called it ‘Ugly’, really Max!! No serious driver in their right mind would dismiss their competition so lightly and I think he knows Mercedes have far more than Red Bull can muster so being the child he is he insults it instead.
    I’m looking forward to Lewis carrying on from last season when for the last four races he out raced Max and made him look like he was going backwards and showing Max how a champion really behaves. This season with more power Max doesn’t have a prayer but instead of being gracious which isn’t in Max’s DNA he throws insults instead. The trouble is and something Max’s immature mind doesn’t comprehend is he needs to back it up in March but he will just blame everyone else including the FIA and even the people selling popcorn as long as it isn’t him. I can imagine after the first race, Horner turning red and complaining with his blood pressure rising and Max holding his breath and turning blue until they run the race again and award it to him. Roll on season 2022.

    • Lol good one Steve, conveniently ignore all the dumb petulant things Hamilton has done throughout his career. Tweeting telemetry data when crying about being beaten by JB, two finger gesture to Alonso in a presser, “monkeys at the back” etc. the list goes on. MV is probably still younger now than when LH did all these idiot things. But don’t let that get in the way of your hate. Keep cool bro!

      • I don’t hate Max and respect him as driver but he is hard to like. He is petulant, arrogant and childish, he isn’t popular on the grid either as drivers feel he has no regard for their safety. Lewis is no angel and I’m not a Lewis fan and he has made stupid mistakes in the past but he has grown up and is a credit to F1 and a true champion which irritates the Lewis haters and Max fans seeing as Max has no idea how to be a champion. Anyone can dredge up the past it’s what he does now that matters.

        • So when young lewis was a pain in the ass its ok but when young max is, it’s not ok. Then at least be so fair to postpone your judgement until max is as old as lewis is now.

          • Firstly, when young Lewis made mistakes he wasn’t arrogant enough to think he knows it all, he learnt from them, Max doesn’t think that way. He continues to drive and make stupid mistakes and wont listen to anyone trying to advise him differently. Racing is a marathon not a sprint and had he have known that he wouldn’t have come off at Silverstone, that crash was avoidable but Max was too pig headed to avoid it and he has done the same before. Had he have gone wider as Le Clerc did he would still have been in the race to get past Lewis later. Most importantly, young Lewis made stupid mistakes and costly errors but was never involved in any incidents where he deliberately drove into another driver which is Max’s calling card. So much so that the other drivers on the grid don’t trust Max as he shows no regard for their safety.
            As I’ve said before Lewis has said he would beat the younger version of himself, I can’t see Max thinking that way. Lewis used to show up Alonso but he was never disrespectful even though Alonso made it very difficult. All the childish teasing messages Max has been sending Lewis since he was gifted the title tells you a lot about the real Max and choosing the No.1 which he has claimed in the past not to care about is another swipe at Lewis. Thankfully Lewis is mature enough to ignore such childish and petty antics.
            For the 100th time I’m not a Lewis fan, he has his faults like Max but as a racing fan I see him as the far more complete driver and I feel he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Max is a great talent but he will continue to make stupid mistakes unless he learns to listen but he is too arrogant for that. He had thrown away the title last season after a really promising start with bad judgement and lunatic driving and he only got the title because Masi gave it to him after Lewis had drawn level on points. He will do the same next season only unlike last season he wont be driving the fastest car so then we can see what he is really made off, will he use is considerable talent or just drive into people instead.

    • You should read the original comments of Verstappen, he focusses on his own car. As for the ugly part it is either his opinion or being the leader for RedBull, if he dismisses the MB, it signals the design team at home that he thrusts what they are doing. I know that sounds alien to a Lewis lover like you (“get me a winning car or I’m leaving”)
      Also don’t read into too much, these are drivers not PR spokesmen, they get a question from a journalist “what do you think of the new MB”

      • How many times do I have to say that I’m not a Lewis fan I’m a racing fan but I admire him as a person and his talent but he has his faults like everyone else. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a fan of anyone but many years ago I followed Senna and Mansell. It’s this simple if you look at my posts I defend the nonsense about Lewis crying being a bad loser, not deserving his titles because he was in the best car, he lost Abu Dhabi because he didn’t change tyres and someone even tried saying Lewis wasn’t in the top five drivers and behind Vettel because of a computer algorithm, you couldn’t make this nonsense up so I defend it. Duckey even said Lewis should lose his Knighthood, why!! With Max the posts are pretty much all about how he was gifted the title by Masi and what a farce Abu Dhabi was and that Lewis is the rightful champion which I agree with as a racing fan as are most of the people making these posts. Max and Horner’s behaviour since that day has been downright disgraceful and any respect I had for Max has since gone there are so many ways he could have handled this but he chose to act like nothing happened and worse tease and wind up Lewis about it, which is just childish.
        I’ve said this before, as I’ve been around racing for so long I’ve made many friends some who still work in F1 so I hear a lot of things which I like to share on this site. People like Duckey shoot them down every time unless they are pro Max, he wouldn’t want to know some of things I hear about Max. I also know people who work with Lewis and they all love him as most people really don’t know what he is really like so when I hear people saying stupid things about him I defend that too as he doesn’t deserve it.
        As a racing fan I’m looking forward to next season and unlike last season Max wont start in the fastest car. Mercedes have been sandbagging in testing, their new car is going to be fastest and possibly by quite a margin although Ferrari wont be far behind. You never know with Horner as he is a crafty bugger but word is despite their new funding Red Bull are playing catch up but I guess we will see. What I hope is that Max uses his considerable talent to make it exciting and not revert to dirty driving as he did last year. His Dad Jos was known for dirty tricks and wasn’t too popular and it would be a waste of a great talent to see Max go that way.

  2. Steve, you’re the greatest Hamilton apostel ever. You’re also completely incapapable of to the point, intelligent arguing. Just endless longreads, repeating your same old twisted view on reality. Bad habit for a company ‘big shot’.

    Stop the fortune telling and wishthinking. You have no idea how someone is 10 yrs from now. You just like to think you know.
    Maybe Merc is fast this year, maybe not. Sandbagging they do every year. We’ll see. If they are, good for them. Lewis will need it Cause when he’s not in the fastest car, he’s not giving home. And about that fastest car that ‘made’ Max be so good last year… Lewis had that the 7 yrs before. Then it was no issue for you. No, Lewis was so great. Not the car. Only when somebody else has a fast car you start sulking about it. You inconsequent little bugger.

    • Duckey, your obsession with me and my lifestyle is really getting very worrying and showing my posts to a Psychiatrist was just weird but made my wife howl with laughter, I cannot believe your friend didn’t think you need her help. Also. your spelling is dreadful, it’s Apostle! I speak other languages too but still manage to spell correctly.
      You don’t read well either, as I’ve said repeatedly, it’s quite simple. As a racing fan not a Lewis fan but I do admire him both as a person and a driver I cannot stand trolls like you and your cronies posting unfounded nonsense not from any facts but just from your blind hatred. It has nothing to do with racing and is just character assassination. For gods sake Duckey you even called for his Knighthood to be taken away, why!! So when I see posts like that I defend them and yes, I may write a lot but I’m retired and have time and as you and the other Lewis haters don’t read too well I spell it out.
      On the subject of racing if I reported facts as news what would be the point? As you well know I’ve decades of racing experience and mixing in racing circle and have made many friends in racing including F1. Although I know some ex F1 drivers I also know people who work in F1 and they tell me things which I post as real racing fans, which excludes you, would like to know. Have you ever even been to a race track, I doubt it, yet you continue to spout spiteful stuff about Lewis and me, what is it Duckey are you jealous!
      You call my posts ‘a twisted view on reality’ which is a bit rich given some of your posts here which thankfully the Judge is now monitoring and you’ve already been told to tone it down. What exactly do you expect from a racing site? People debate on conjecture and views and rarely need to debate facts as they are in the past, which is what facts are, look it up. It’s suppose to be fun but you are intense and you get nasty when you can’t prove your point which is pretty much most of the time. As I’m fortunate to have insight into F1, I share it and tell me Duckey, when have I ever posted something that hasn’t come true? I could tell you a few things about your hero that you really wouldn’t like but then I’m not like you.
      As an example of you not listening, you never seem to make a point just trash the points people have made, usually mine. One of your favourites is Lewis is only 7 times champion because of his car and as I’ve said before have you ever driven an F1 car because I have and even with my experience it’s bloody hard. It only gets easier the faster you drive and is very unforgiving and you wouldn’t make it out of the pit lane. Also, newsflash Duckey, all past champions were in the fastest cars, Schumacher’s Ferrari was fastest for years. Like any sport, the best people have the best teams or equipment it’s how it works but saying Lewis won 7 titles because of his car shows how very little you know about racing. Many icons like Sir Jackie Stewart say Lewis is the best driver they have ever seen.
      In my last post I told you to make a choice, contribute to the site properly and make a point ever now and then or find another site more suited to your aggressive posts like WWE, after Abu Dhabi you would like that. 😂

      • And.. you don’t read good. Judge did not tone me down but asked politely to stay on the F1 subject. Your exhibitionistic inferiority complex, distracted me from that. Sorry Judge 😇

        • I don’t read good, what are you 10! How many people have the Judge had to ask to tone it down Duckey given some of the posts on this site, it’s because you were getting personal and I get under your skin because as someone with classic inferiority signs you envy me and attack everything I say, just ask your Psychiatrist friend. I have a friend who is a Psychiatrist but wouldn’t dream of bothering her with your posts, what is wrong with you! Personally, I don’t even think you have a Psychiatrist friend, in fact I don’t think you have any friends but that’s just my opinion.
          Do us all a favour Duckey, wind it in a bit and stick to racing and leave your obsession with me at the door.

          • You are really blinded by your anger. Quote from Judge: ‘let’s try containing to F1 Duckey 🤣’… That is not asking for toning down but asking for staying on subject. Read Steve !

          • I’m not angry Duckey, read my posts, passionate maybe but you get personal and nasty, hence the Judge intervening but however you dress it up, how many times does he have tell someone to stay on book, you’re an angry guy Duckey, just own it, talk to your Psychiatrist friend you don’t have. I’m a very happy and contented guy enjoying my retirement with my lovely wife who also thinks you need help, she is smart as a whip and a great Barrister in her day. Take it from me take a step back and look at what you are doing, I know you are not unintelligent but this site is supposed to be fun and racing fans exchanging posts, you make it too personal, so lets just keep it to racing banter from now on and if you you can’t make your point don’t let it get to you.

  3. All F1 drivers are petulant brats
    Its their nature
    Image á car sales man… multiply with skill and voila you have an F1 driver.
    Really arse holes all around
    Love to see them battling it out, but i have to think really really hard to imagine á driver which never Made me cringe… not even the “stoic” Fins

  4. What is sissy betamax afraid of he already knows that last years title was fake and lewis gonna smash his supremacist ass left and right throughout the year, lewis is the true goat and forever shall be

      • NOT “Typical Hamiltonfan reaction”… most of us are quite normal, reasonable and sensible (just like Max, Lando, Carlos etc) fans……

        There are lunatics in all camps Duckey, so don’t deliberately stir the pot dude

  5. Interesting. Apart from proving my point with, again, more bragging, now you accuse mé of making this personal. You are the one that started calling me moron, prawnsandwich, ps4 racer etc. when i just argued about Hamilton and Verstappen. What comes around, goes around Steve. Make the world a better place, start with yourself.

  6. Go back to your post March 12, you start these things as you always do attacking me, my posts, my personal life, do you even have one, I doubt it, do you even have a job, I’m retired and know you are not? I’m a competitive man and often against my wife’s advice, I strike back, but no more. You are dredging up stuff from weeks ago which defines, what do you think Duckey, an obsession! You strike me as someone who wants the last word, I love my wife and immensely proud of her and she thinks you are a nutcase and should leave it well alone. You call someone talking about their wife as bragging which just proves my point and I should take my wife’s advice because as usual she is right.
    You need to get a life Duckey, you come across as a very sad man. As for me, we are off to Dartmouth, it’s a lovely day and we are meeting some friends by the river. What are you doing, bashing away at your keyboard attacking everyone that has what you don’t.
    So, I’m taking my wife’s advice, you are beyond saving and I really am getting tired of your childish spiteful posts, so you want the last word you have it, I’m going to go out and have a lovely day and leave you to bashing away at your keyboard so enjoy!

  7. Well done Steve! Glad you take my advice and start make things better. Greetings to your wife and have a nice day.

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