Update: New footage of Hamilton’s extreme new Mercedes

Yesterday TJ13 reported on a persistent rumour within the paddock, that the new W13 F1 Mercedes will have an extreme update for this weeks Bahrain test. It appears that this rumour is true. 

With an almost total deletion of the cars’ sidepods, performance increase is rumoured to be up to 1 second per lap faster. Of course, this is yet to be proved, but thus far only Adrian Newey’s Red Bull RB18 appears to be as extreme as the Mercedes.

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37 responses to “Update: New footage of Hamilton’s extreme new Mercedes

  1. I’ve heard from people I know in F1 that have known about the W13 unit and new power Mercedes are bringing to next season. Ferrari also have considerably more power as does McLaren, so I see Red Bull playing catch up for at least of the first part of the season and Crashstappen resorting to crashing into everyone as per usual. There will be a lot of sulking and whining from Max who wont be keeping his title for long and all the Lewis haters and Max fans that have been baiting racing fans with ‘crying and bad losers’ will be on the receiving end this time. What goes around and comes around and will be biting Max in the arse next season.

    • jungle drums are reporting RB has a similar B spec to Merc coming too with Honda already running their radiators in an unusual spot inside the bodywork in prep

      • What I’ve heard is that they have had new funding but following their effort last season they are behind which is why I said they would initially be behind next season as Red Bull are playing catchup. I wouldn’t trust anything that snake Horner says and the proof will be in the testing and on the track in March. From what I hear they will struggle and wipe that smug smile of that cheating buggers face.

  2. So apart from his usual childish and wishfull thinking, Steve admits here that whatever spectacular results Mercedes might get this season, its the car and not the driver. Glad we finalky settled that!

    • I’ve always been of the opinion that all teams should have the same car. Level playing field.

  3. Oh Duckey, I was expecting the normal baseless abusive reply, do you even have a job? Maybe that explains your angry responses. My intel comes from people that work in F1 on the grid and work in teams like Mercedes and McLaren, where does your intel come from, your PlayStation! When do ever make any point and if you do, what is it based on other than your love for Max! It’s not wishful thinking on my part it is a fact that Mercedes have a new power unit W13 that is supposed to give them a second a lap advantage from recent testing, that is a fact Duckey which you have problems with. Also another fact is that Ferrari have spent zillions perfecting a new power unit that is supposed to rival Mercedes and McLaren have also more power next season. Red Bull on the other hand have been caught with their trousers down and despite all the crap from Horner their new power unit isn’t ready so they will be playing catch up. My facts and they are facts come from people in F1 your knowledge comes from wishful thinking where you hope your boy has a chance of retaining his title which doesn’t look good at all. Given that he couldn’t keep up with Lewis in the last four races and now Lewis has more power and so does Ferrari and maybe McLaren, Max will be playing catch up and whining and whinging the whole way and resorting to type will try and crash into everyone and get himself a race ban. Keep dreaming Duckey and if you find a fact do let me know.

    • You dont state facts. You repeat hearsay from sources nobody knows but you.
      I have friends too and one of them is a clinical psychiatrist. I asked him to read some of your comments and he had an interesting view on them. The repetetive bragging about successes, career, family, cars, boats etc.. are a clear symptom of a serious inferiority complex. Whether or not the bragging is based on truth does not matter. Constantly bringing accomplishments up, the desperate need to be recognized as someone whose opinion matters, is the symptom. He even warned me that contradicting such people can easily lead to aggressive behaviour, with them lashing out to people that happen to be around. You should not let this be untreated steve. Not my words but from a professional with 20+ years of experience.

        • Anyone, with that title obviously has all the brains of a ham salad so it doesn’t mean a lot to me. I have a beautiful wife who will contend that my dick is commensurate with my 6’4″ and she is very happy. You on the other hand sound like a spotty teenager that has never even seen a woman. I quote facts and things about F1 why don’t you do that instead of being a troll which may suit you better but isn’t welcome on this site. That goes for Duckey too.

      • If anyone has an inferiority complex it’s you Duckey, I’ve already proved I don’t lie and back up my claims or don’t you remember. You are the one with angry posts that comes from something and I post facts about F1 when do you ever do that? I don’t boast in fact I detest boasting but when asked if I can back up my point which you continue to question which means you either have Dementia or just a very bad memory. I’m happy to do so. I’m very happy with my life and have no need to boast that is for wannabes and as you know I have no need for that so your posts are just a diversion as you can’t answer the posts so you just question them which your Psychiatrist would have a field day with. I also have a friend who is a Psychiatrist and I’m sure she would have a lot to say about your angry posts.
        For the last and final time, when have I ever posted something from my friends in F1 that has not come true? The post about the W13 I’ve known for a while but wasn’t able to say anything until recently and already teams are complaining about the new changes which should tell you something. Also, the fact that Ferrari are faster and McLaren are going to be competitive is no longer new news. I get my facts from the source, you get yours from Dutch newspapers which after being filtered down become Dutch propaganda no wonder you never quote any actual facts you just contest anyone that does. Do you not realise that makes you someone living in the past and not moving forward, next season is going to be very different to last season which whether you like it or not will happen.
        I honestly couldn’t care a less about what you think about me, you have asked me to back up my statements which I have and it makes you a very suspicious person which implies you have things to hide but I have always backed them up which must be a real pain to you. You strike me as a very sad man who has been asked to rein it in by the Judge as you are out of control, so why not leave posting on this site which you can’t handle and do something more your speed like knitting.

        • I really can’t remember a time when you have backed up something with concrete facts 🤷🏻‍♂️ A ”I knew this but couldn’t tell you beforehand” is the lamest excuse one can say, be it true or not.

          I sent you mathematical analysis of drivers, but you said I should go play playstation which tells a lot of your agumentation skills (or lack there of).

          • I’ve come across you before and like Duckey you don’t post facts but just contest people that do, maybe you are Dutch like Duckey. As I’ve said many times before, I know people in racing who tell me things and I share them here and I’ve been around racing for over 40 years which qualifies me to comment. These things aren’t often facts until they happen but I’ve yet to post anything that has not been a proven fact later, what have you ever done! You were the one that sent me an Algorithm to define best drivers. I worked with an IT company for many years and I can tell you that computers are stupid but process data you send them very quickly. You cannot use an algorithm to decide who is the best driver any more than any other sport. People remember records and achievements and Lewis has done them all apart from being robbed of his final record by Masi. If all you can do is post stupid messages without any facts then please join Duckey on a harmless Knitting website and leave racing to people that know what they are talking about.

          • You’re just posting so f*ing ridiculous stuff time and time again, like this ” You cannot use an algorithm to decide who is the best driver any more than any other sport.”

            Did you know that modern sports is dictated by advanced analytics? Toronto Maple Leafs has 15 full time employees doing only that every single day.

            Also your story about what you have done in your life changes every single time you post. You’ve done everything in life, so probably nothing is the truth. And the small dick.

          • I’ve been part of two IT companies over the last thirty years (I provided proof to Duckey some posts ago before you question it) and know far more about algorithms than you ever will. Analytics and algorithms are for analysis not fact finding as computers are incapable of that, they process numbers and facts and the idea they can pick the top twenty drivers is just laughable. What have I said that differs in my post or are you like Duckey that accuses without substance, I would like to know as like all your posts you are full of bluster but no content. I stand by my experience and bring useful facts to this site, all you and Duckey do is provide angry posts with swearing and abuse which means you are the ones with debating issues not me. This is a racing site where we post things about racing and people will post things that are anti Max so suck it up.
            Questioning the size of my dick is so desperate it is just sad, I’m 6’4″ with a very commensurate member which my beautiful wife appreciates every day, she thinks you are a moron by the way.

    • Steve, no real adult with a job and friends has as much hate for guys he has never met, like you appear to have. Chill out ma man

      • How can you say that, the hate is directed at me, I’m just defending myself. I’m a very calm relaxed and happy individual but people attack me I defend myself. Before you post again read the posts, this is supposed to be a racing site not Facebook!

  4. I used to only come here to scratch the itch, but now I come for the Steve vs Duckey duel….. it could well be the battle of the season for all we know – lol 🙂

      • I agree too I really like this site and Duckey attacks me constantly but with no substance. he has asked me to back up my sources and my claims which I have repeatedly and then he accuses me of boasting yet he never posts anything that can be called a fact. I hate boasting and I’m lucky to have friends in F1 and I share that information with this site but as it’s usually anti Max, Duckey gets angry and aggressive about it. The sad fact for Duckey is that next season Red Bull are playing catch up, Mercedes have the jump on them and Horner is already complaining but Mercedes aren’t stupid enough to use illegal technology. Their new W13 engine is going to give them a large advantage as will Ferrari who have spent a fortune on a new power unit, McLaren also have more power so for the first part of next season until Red Bull with new funding can catch up they will be behind. So cue Max driving into everyone and getting a race ban from his points from last season. Duckey may not like it and it is conjecture but it is based on facts that Duckey and his cronies have a real issue with. Give it up Duckey no-one takes you seriously any more.
        I just want a fair and exciting season next year devoid of FIA interreference which is what any true racing fan wants, let the drivers decide the championship and not the FIA like last year, if Max wants to be a true champion he needs to earn it like the ones before him and not with help from FIA, so bring it on.

        • Probably attacks you because of your clownish, deluded, drunk-man-at-the-bar-who-thinks-he’s-something replies. Soz Brah

          • Showing your true colours here, I don’t suppose you are Dutch by any chance. Since when have you posted anything about racing, why not go and find a site more your speed like Tiddlywinks. You people are just sad, do you have things like friends or a real life, I doubt it!

  5. I can see it now…. Steve was holding the (principled) outside line coming into the left hander, when Duckey dive bombed up the inside with his psychiatrist mates opinions and pushed Steve out wide and off the track.
    Steve kept his foot in across the runoff with his own psychiatrist mate, and kept the place.

    The “judge” (sorry, just being consistent – lol) determined it a racing incident, but at the next race when roles were reversed, decreed that Duckey should give the place back

    • Really funny G that made me laugh out loud and a great analogy. I’m a true racing fan and post facts from things I hear, Duckey is Dutch and against anything against Max or against the farce that was Abu Dhabi. Duckey would like you to believe nothing happened and Max is a worthy champion and of course being Dutch is not at all biased. He has challenged me constantly and when I provide proof says I’m boasting which I hate. He wants it both ways and in the end, he never makes any factual quotes but just attacks people who do. I’m not bothering my friend with this she is busy enough and I’m not sure Duckey has any friends let alone a Psychiatrist. He is a sad angry man and if I did bother my friend she would probably have a field day with his posts and he calls me insecure, which made my wife laugh out loud as has many of Duckeys sad posts. Any true racing fans reading these posts know that I defend racing and always will.

      • “Duckey would like you to believe nothing happened and Max is a worthy champion”

        Despite being a Hamilton supporter, Max IS a worthy champion tho. Over the course of the season, they both drove amazingly, had a few moments of madness and made mistakes but I would never say that Max doesn’t deserve the title, or that the manner in which it all ended in any way denigrates its value.

        • If you’re a Hamilton supporter then I’m the King of England! How can you possibly justify that ridiculous comment! In the last four races Lewis made Max look like he was driving backwards so much so that in desperation Max tried to drive into him at every opportunity. In the last race where they were on equal points, Max was five places back and 12 seconds behind until Masi decided after much bullying from Horner and a creepy call from Wheatley making it sound like Masi was on the payroll, to only unlap the cars between Lewis and Max making Lewis a sitting duck. I’m not a Lewis fan but I am a racing fan and what happened on that day shamed F1 and made the sport I love a laughing stock and you talk about it like it was nothing. Max is a great driver but he is young and quite honestly dangerous as most drivers on the grid feel as he has no regard for their safety. Lewis once said he would always beat his younger self but Max is too arrogant to realise that and Lewis will continue to beat him next season and max will continue trying to drive into him. A worthy champion earns hid title, max had his handed to him on a plate and he won’t be considered a worthy champion until he wins it without help from the FIA. Also, like Duckey who loves statistics as they often don’t paint the real picture, what happened earlier in the season is irrelevant when Lewis caught up and out drove Max only to be robbed by Masi in the final race, Max was a bit part player until then, if you were a true racing fan you would know that.

          • He is and you know it. They both went into the last race deserving the title.
            Yes, Lewis had the run in the previous few races to pull back the defecit, but it was Max’s performance in the first place that built 5he defecit.

            And, it wasn’t Max’s fault what happened at the end.
            Yes it wasn’t the outcome I personally wanted, and the manner in which it happened wasn’t right, but that doesn’t take away from Max’s performance over the year

  6. Just some Steve ‘fact’ quotes:

    – “You cannot use an algorithm to decide who is the best driver any more than any other sport” – Clearly you have never seen the movie Moneyball. Statistical / computeranalysis build a nr 1 baseball team. All US teams use that software now.

    – “next season Red Bull are playing catch up” – Not a fact, more a desired outcome.

    – “I’ve heard from people I know in F1” – Not a fact. Totally unverifyable hear-say. Maybe true but hey, so can my horoscope of today be true.

    – “Crashstappen resorting to crashing into everyone as per usual. There will be a lot of sulking and whining from Max who wont be keeping his title for long” – Not a fact, just something you would like to see happening.

    – “I don’t boast in fact I detest boasting” – You don’t? Really? Really really? “I have several fast cars in my Garage”, “i am living in a great house in Devon”, “I have a boat”, “I have a very succesfull carreer”, “my dick is commensurate with my 6’4″”, “I speak several languages”, “i have friends in F1”, “I raced against Nigel Mansell” etc. etc. etc. …

    – “it is a fact that Mercedes have a new power unit W13” – Wow… a true verifyable fact! Must be the exception that confirms the rule 🙂

    – “that is supposed to give them a second a lap advantage from recent testing, that is a fact”- Oh? ‘Supposed to’ is a fact now too?? That’s a new one.

    – “Ferrari have spent zillions perfecting a new power unit that is supposed to rival Mercedes” – Again ‘supposed’ to be a fact. Of course all other teams don’t spend a dime on their material

    “Max will be playing catch up and whining and whinging the whole way and resorting to type will try and crash into everyone and get himself a race ban.” – Not a fact. More wishfull thinking.

    As you can see Steve, you’re not so reliable in your arguing. Try to keep your personal emotions out of the discussion. Stick to things that we can verify from other sources. And please stop stating that your personal expectations of the coming season are ‘facts’. It makes you look even dumber.

    • Oh Duckey, your obsession with me is getting worrying. The Judge has already told you to wind your neck in, maybe you should get your friend to look at your posts you really need help.
      Firstly a fact is something that has happened but then it wouldn’t be worth posting would it. You know damn well I have been around racing for many years so naturally I have people in the sport that tell me things, things that I think people on this site would like to know but not you, you want hard facts and how am I supposed to do that? I haven’t posted one comment that hasn’t come true what have you done? You are like some retarded guard dog that when someone posts anything anti Max you are on it like a rash and yet I quote ‘I’m not a Max fan’ you you do a great impression of one. For weeks you have asked me to prove what I say and my position and where I get my facts from which makes you a very suspicious guy and probably someone who has trouble with the truth them self. I’ve proved every single thing I’ve said yet still you continue to attack it and what you have posted was from one post where you said I was sad in my retirement and I bit and regret it as I hate boasting but you baited me and I regret that I bit. Yet you would have people believe I say these things all the time which makes you desperate and sad and my wife thinks you are a basket case. All I want to do is post useful and informative information for this racing site and all I get for that is you and your cronies attacking me at every turn. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been told I’ve got a small dick which my wife will testify isn’t true.
      Going back to your last post, you are using MoneyBall as a comparison, it’s a film Duckey not real. Of course companies use software algorithms but your mate Netape was trying to use that to choose the top 20 drivers which is just ridiculous. Software is useful but only for the right situations and predicting sport stars is not one of them.
      The other things you are quoting are statements made from people in F1 whose judgement I trust. It is supposed to be informative for this site and as I’ve said I haven’t been wrong before but you want hard facts which if they were why would I post them as they have happened already. It is a Racing site Duckey we talk about prospective things which is what makes it interesting.
      I’m going to ignore the paragraph about my life as you quoting that just shows how desperate and sad you are and shame on you for using that, I thought you were better than that.
      The remaining ones like the ones before are conjecture based on things I’ve been told and as a racing site I think true racing fans which you and Netape are not would be interested in. Feed back from testing today is interesting as Lewis and Russel are down the grid but they are sandbagging. Testing never gives much away apart from view of the livery and Horner is already complaining about the Mercedes car. My friends tell me that the new car will give Lewis and Russel a great advantage but they have teething problems which is what testing is for.
      You need to take a side Duckey are you going to continue with your obsession about me which does give my wife something to laugh about or are you going to post useful stuff about racing. If you can’t do that then don’t post at all as no one takes what you say seriously any more.

    • You want facts Duckey here are some but you wont like them.
      Lewis dominated the last four races so much that Max was resorting to driving into him.
      In Jeddah Max tried to hit Lewis three times and ended up brake testing him which he lied about but was caught red handed by telemetry. That would normally mean a disqualification but somehow he got away with a time penalty, someone please explain that, Max still threw a massive strop for being caught lying his arse off and stomped off the podium in a massive strop, what a great example!
      In the final race Max was a minor bit part player as Lewis dominated the race with Max way back 12 seconds and five places behind with two laps to go so race over but then as usual Latifi forgot what a steering wheel is for and crashed again. Masi dithered over the safety car but was hounded by Horner sensing a chance. With the SC and playing the do the opposite of Lewis card they brought Max in for tyres but Lewis confident that he stays out to preserve his position had no worries about Max catching him. Then cue Horner with Max on new tyres sensing an opportunity and bullied Masi to give a final green lap that was totally unnecessary and would only suit one team, Red Bull. Then came the call which was hidden until leaked from Wheatley where he instructed Masi to make the worst decision ever and Masi reply was ‘understood’ which implies he was on the Red Bull payroll, it stank. He only instructed the cars between Lewis and Max to unlap instead of all drivers as if all drivers unlapped Max would never have won. The whole thing disgraced F1 and left Lewis a sitting duck, there was no racing just Max gliding past Lewis on new tyres and any racing fan would be disgusted. Not the Max fans or Lewis haters who all thought it was great, disregarding the damage done to F1 they don’t care. They aren’t racing fans and the sport would be far better off without them.
      These are all facts Duckey and I know you have a problem with facts and rules but your boy is a pretender only. lets see if he can win a championship without FIA help, I wont hold my breath.
      You know what they say Duckey the truth hurts.

    • This Callahan moron does not know the difference between a fact or an opinion. This person is such an over the top, look at me look at me, goof, that i wonder if he is not a TJ13 stooge winding the rest of us up. Downunder we call these types “a wanker”

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