Hamilton comments on Ferrari at test

F1’s Lewis Hamilton comments on where Ferrari is in terms of performance – Ferrari impressed the paddock in Barcelona in their first outing of the 2022 Formula 1 season. Lewis Hamilton was asked about the level of performance.

With the first F1 Grand Prix of the season taking place in Bahrain on the 20th of March, the drivers were able to make their first appearance on Wednesday. In Barcelona, they had the opportunity to do their first laps of the track and see what their new cars were like. And for this Formula One debut, it was the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. that took the spotlight, showing some very good things. Is this enough to worry Lewis Hamilton?


“We don’t know where everyone stands”

With the new regulations, the cards will be reshuffled in 2022. At the wheel of their Ferrari, will Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr take advantage of this?

Reported by L’Equipe in France, Lewis Hamilton spoke about the performance of the Scuderia at the moment.

“We have no idea where everyone stands. It’s exciting.

“For the Scuderia, they said last year that they were going to focus on this season. So we’ll see if they’re seven months ahead of the competition or not,” said the Mercedes driver.



6 responses to “Hamilton comments on Ferrari at test

  1. Neither did Merc do much development based on their words. I’m more reserved on RBR.
    We’ll see when the season begins.

  2. Merc, their team principal and their pet driver are all masters at lies, politics and obfuscation.
    The claim that Hamilton ‘destroyed’ the opposition is as outrageous as all their other claims. Despite knowing all this, the F1 world keeps it shut. That is the level of hold they have on FIA, the media, the poor
    race director and the stewards. After the Masi episode, will there be race directors or stewards who will have the courage to stand up against these shenanigans?

    Yes, Hamilton must be spoiling for revenge and Merc are certain to have worked overtime on producing a car similar to the last four races. The rules were shamelessly bent with impunity. Isn’t it a cruel joke that the driver wants to be known as the “cleanest” and “fairest” driver ever. That they still get away with outlandish statements like this is in itself a mockery.

    How the whole world rejoiced after Abu Dhabi is proof enough of the dislike Hamilton has accumulated after dancing like a baboon on the podium in Silverstone. That was a turning point for a majority of unbiased F1 fans like myself.

    • Vijay get a life. .find something positive and less stressfull. Mercedes an Lewis don’t even know you exist Take a chill pill and relax its going to be a totally Mercedes domination year and we really would not like you to harm.yoirself

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